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Far Cry 6: Amigos Animal Guide – Recruit, Abilities, Perks

Chorizo, The Dog

Chorizo is everyone’s favourite handi-capable pooch. Everybody loves Chorizo, and that’s sort of the point – by directing him to interact with an enemy, he’ll wander over and distract them, so you can either sneak past or go for a stealth kill.

He’s not much of a help in combat scenarios, but for those who prefer to infiltrate silently, he’s a very good boy indeed.

How To Unlock Chorizo

Location: Montero Farm in Costa Del Mar

Mission: Who’s A Good Boy

You can find this quest by interacting with Chorizo, at the kennel on the East side of the main house. This quest tasks Dani with making some food for Chorizo which requires some alligator meat. You can typically find these reptiles along rivers near the southern portion of Costa Del Mar. After feeding Chorizo, you’ll unlock a second Chorizo quest which has you running around the camp digging up secrets that this pupper hid. It’s a very short mission and has zero enemies.

When the fetch quest is done you will unlock Chorizo as an Amigo.

Chorizo’s Abilites

Chorizo may be an adorable sausage dog, but don’t let that fool you, as he’s a great asset in battle. With the Attention-Seeker ability, he’ll distract enemies with his cuteness while you sneak around them or go in for the kill.

Here are Chorizo’s other unlockable abilities in Far Cry 6:

AbilityDescriptionHow to unlock
BloodhoundChorizo will tag nearby resources with his sense of smellHave Chorizo distract 10 enemies
Yes, You CanChorizo will regenerate some health when you pet himHave Chorizo tag 36 loot containers
Keen SensesChorizo will occasionally dig some resources from the groundUse Chorizo’s healing ability 50 times

Chicharron, The Rooster

If Legend of Zelda has thought us anything, do not try to fight a rooster. Chicharron is a flashy killer rooster that’s one of the most aggressive Amigos in the game. He’s not stealthy, but he is chaos incarnate and can have the enemy in disarray in seconds once he gets started. His abilities boost damage, dodge attacks and knock enemies over. He can even launch into leaping attacks from an incredible range, so he’s the best choice if you just want to charge in and start shooting.

How To Unlock Chicharron

Location: Alvarez Farm near the Vacia Coast

Mission: Man’s Best Friend, Pecking Order, Wingspan

Chicharron is an easily missable Amigo and you’ll need to complete the Story mission Man’s Best Enemy in the Sierra Perdida region of El Este in order to get him. Go ahead and speak to Reinaldo at the Farm to begin the Man’s Best Friend mission, which will have you fighting off a hoard of dogs trying to rip Chicharron apart.

Put on some anti-animal clothing and make sure to bring a weapon that deals damage against soft targets. You can also shoot the orange targets to make the dogs group up, which is perfect for using dynamite. You’ll have to complete a few missions centred on helping Chicharrron’s vendetta against the regime before he’ll become your Amigo, but if you want a psychotic murder chicken on your team, it’ll be worth it. 

In Pecking Order all you have to do for this quest is follow the murder bird to the FND base and then destroy all the files in the library while Chicharron kills everything in its path. Then speak to Reinaldo a final time for the Wingman quest. You’ll be fighting a lot of enemies during this mission, so consider switching to armour and weapons better suited for non-stealth engagements.

Once you survive the onslaught, a final cutscene will play and Chicharron will become an Amigo you can bring into battle.

Chicharron‘s Abilites

Don’t let his size fool you, as Chicharrón is an intimidating little fella with a “lust for battle” that simply can’t be satiated. His main ability, Angry Bird, allows him to fling himself at enemies from a distance and attack them.

Here are Chicharrón’s other unlockable abilities in Far Cry 6:

AbilityDescriptionHow to unlock
Roid RageChicharrón attacks faster and deals double damage when his health is below 70%Have Chicharrón kill 12 enemies
Angrier BirdChicharrón’s Angry Bird attack can knock enemies to the groundKill 24 enemies while Chicharrón is in Roid Rage
Chicken FeetDuring Roid Rage, Chicharrón is more likely to dodge enemy attacksKnock 50 enemies down with the Angrier Bird attack

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