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Far Cry 6: Amigos Animal Guide – Recruit, Abilities, Perks

Far Cry 6 takes you belly-deep into the hostile nation of Yara. Ruled by the vicious dictator Moff Gideon Anton Castillo, you’ll be doing what you do best, tear down the regime and blast for freedom. Just like previous Far Cry games, you won’t have to be doing this alone. While ‘Guns for Hire’ aren’t around anymore you do have your choice of adorable animal companions or Amigos, as they’re called.

These animal companions range from sneaky panthers, tanky alligators, helpful pups and even an attack rooster? Let your Amigos help you by pointing them to attack targets, letting them loose or just by petting their cute heads. Some of these Amigos are hard to miss, while others require far more work to obtain. In this guide, we’ve got the low down on how to lock each Amigo, their strengths and abilities.

Far Cry 6 steps your Amigos up a notch with unique special abilities that can be unlocked by completing some specific requirements. Check all of that out right here!

Quick Navigation for all the Amigos:

  • Guapo, The Alligator
  • Chorizo, The Dog
  • Chicharrón, The Rooster
  • Boom Boom, The Dog
  • Oluso, The Black Panther
  • K-9000, The Bionic Dog
  • Champagne, The White Panther

Amigo Abilities

Amigo’s upgradeable abilities is something that’s a little bit different in Far Cry 6, compared to other games of the series. While each Amigo has immediate utility in combat, they can also gain abilities over time. Most of their new talents unlock passively as you use them, while others require your input.

For instance, your first Amigo, Guapo, can gain their first ability after reviving themselves five times, whereas their third ability requires you to command them to take down 50 targets.

Each Amigo has different requirements to unlock new abilities. You can check their progress by going to your main menu > Amigos menu > highlight the companion you want to inspect > and then press the details button. Inside this menu, you can read about each Amigo’s main talent plus the requirements and progress to unlock their three additional abilities.

Check out and unlock all your favourite Amigo’s abilities here to make them even more of a powerhouse companion.


Guapo, The Alligator

There’s no chance to miss Guapo in Far Cry 6. He’ll likely be the first Amigo you get, a bulky alligator with a classy gold tooth who barrels across the battlefield and mauls enemies. You may not have guessed it but Guapo is a tank, much like Cheeseburger, the bear from Far Cry 5.

Left on his own he tends to just charge at whatever enemy is closest or that provokes him, but Dani can give him directions and make him attack specific enemies on command. When attacking opponents, he tends to knock them down and savage them. Leaving them open and vulnerable to additional attacks from the player (though if Guapo does enough damage, they’ll die anyway).

He has no strategy beyond the head-on charge, meaning he takes a lot of damage. But he’ll be able to unlock health regeneration as well as self-revive when he’s down, ensuring that he can keep going nonetheless.

You won’t be able to use Guapo for stealth, as his attacks are slow and painful, which leave soldiers screaming before they die.

How To Unlock Guapo

Mission: Juan of a Kind

To get Guapo, players just have to proceed with the main campaign and you should be tasked with finding a fella named Juan Cortez. As part of a mission called “Juan of a Kind”. Guapo is introduced during this mission and you’ll be able to take control of him halfway through. By the end, you’ll have struck up enough of a friendship that he’ll become a proper Amigo.

Guapo’s Abilites

Guapo’s main ability is Ancient Survivor, which allows him to passively recover health over time and self-revive after being defeated. This makes him one of the easiest Amigos to use, as you won’t have to pay too much attention to him.

Here are Guapo’s other unlockable abilities in Far Cry 6:

AbilityDescriptionHow to unlock
Body RegulationGuapo will automatically regenerate health during combatHave Guapo revive himself 5 times
Cornered BeastGuapo becomes more resistant to damage when his health is below 50%Have Guapo regenerate 3,000 Health in combat
Reptile MetabolismGuapo’s auto-revive now restores 90% of his healthHave Guapo eliminate 50 targets