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Animal Crossing – Who Is Brewster? What Is The Roost?

Animal Crossing Direct is coming this month and the biggest news is that Brewster and The Roost Cafe will be arriving in New Horizons!

For those of you that are new to the series you may be wondering who is this chonky pigeon and why is everyone so excited? Well, we’re here to give you the lowdown on our fine feathered barista. How he featured in previous Animal Crossing games, what he brings with him and what to expect.

So shake your tail feathers and froth up that cappuccino because this is going to be all about Brewster!


Who Is Brewster?

First introduced in Animal Crossing: Wild World in 2005, Brewster was the resident NPC character that ran the coffee shop inside the museum. In New Leaf, potentially due to his popularity he was upgraded to his own shop in town.

As you might expect of a sophisticated, waistcoat wearing pigeon that works out of a museum, Brewster can be a bit of a hipster. He’s quiet, potentially blunt and an aloof sort of fellow. That is until he warms up to you. Naturally, he’s very passionate about coffee as well as the fine art of collecting gyrodites.

In previous games, he took a while to warm up to. And he can get offended if you don’t drink your coffee hot. I mean the dude has clearly never heard of an ice cold pumpkin spiced latte. But the more you speak with him (and drink the coffee hot) the friendlier he’ll become.

You can in fact become such close friends that he’ll offer you his secret stash of pigeon milk! That he makes himself… 😐


The Roost

The Roost is the best and only cafe in Animal Crossing. Go in for hot coffee and borderline hostile behaviour and stay for the fantastic gyrodite collection. The Roost cafe is run by Brewster and serves different blends of coffee a day for 200 Bells. Previously you could only buy one cup a day, which you’d hold in your hand like a tool. Sip on your coffee while pressing A until you finish it. The coffee mug is the perfect addition to those fall vibes.

In Animal Crossing: City Folk you were able to display your gyrodite collection at The Roost. If you become friends with Brewster (buy a cup of coffee for 7 days straight) then Brewster will offer to display them for you. Much like the Museum feature. Be warned though if you leave your coffee to cool and don’t drink it hot, Brewster won’t want to be friends with you :(.

In addition to drinking coffee and storing gyrodites you can also interact with the characters that have come into the cafe for a drink. Some of these can be the special character NPCs such as Isabelle, Mabel or maybe even Orville!

I’m not sure if this will happen for New Horizons but K.K. Slider would sometimes perform at the Roost during his usual Saturday night slot.


Part-Time Barista Job

After making friends with Brewster he’ll offer you a part-time job as a barista working behind the coffee bar and filling in drink orders. For those of you that might be bored of the Animal Crossing grind, getting an in-game job adds a whole new gameplay mechanic for you to sink your teeth into!

Between the house of 11am – 11pm you can work at The Roost. There you can serve coffee to your villagers, each with their own set of preferences. This can range from the type of coffee beans they want to how much milk and sugar they take in their coffee. Get in right and rake in those bells.

At the end of your shift, Brewster will give you your payment in the form of coffee beans and sometimes furniture from the Cafe series. Including a pretty scary Brewster gyrodite.


Predictions For Brewster In New Horizons

So we’re pretty sure that because the Animal Crossing Direct is being held sometime towards the end of October, Brewster will be making a November debut. No exact date however has been announced.

Brewster and The Roost will be located in the Museum. As shown by the latest teaser trailer. And there should be no reason why our pigeon barista won’t be back to serving coffee in New Horizons! Of course, there is always the chance things get switched up: In Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, Brewster hosted an event called Brewster’s Sweet Harvest, which passed out “vineyard” themed gifts to participants — stuff like a barrel of grapes, and a trellis.

What we’re hoping is going to return is the two aforementioned minigames that come associated with The Roost. The first being the cafe minigame where you can serve coffee and of course, collect new furniture. And the other is the introduction of gyrodites to New Horizons! Just another thing to collect and fill your museum with. Which I’m always all for.


The Animal Crossing Direct

So there you go, that’s your crash course on Brewster and his role in the Animal Crossing series! We expect that there will be more updates being announced since Nintendo has scheduled an entire direct just for this game.

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