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Animal Crossing Direct – What We Know And Predictions

Animal Crossing Direct is coming sometime in October! After last year’s Animal Crossing: New Horizons phenomenon, the craze for the game slowly died down. Thanks in no small part to bugs and a lack of content updates. There’s been small events and items over the year but nothing big enough for fans to come back.

But after a year of relative silence from Nintendo, we’re getting an official Animal Crossing Direct this month with big updates being teased! Details have been a little scarce but there are some details confirmed and of course some things that we’ve been waiting for.

What do you want most from the update? What from the update refresh will let you brush the dust off your island and come back?


When Is The Animal Crossing Direct?

Announced during the last Nintendo Direct on September 23rd. The biggest question is when is the exact date and time for the Animal Crossing Direct?

Update: Animal Crossing has officially announced that they will be airing their Animal Crossing: New Horizons Direct on October 15th at 7am PT! The Animal Crossing Direct will last for 20 minutes with updated content of everything coming in November and more.


Brewster & The Roost Cafe

Brewster and the Museum Cafe have been teased in Animal Crossing: New Horizons since way last year. And in fact, appeared as one of our earliest predictions back in 2020. Check out the article here if you missed it. A couple of eagle-eyed fans have already spotted the addition. And some animals on your island may have already spilt the beans!

The Roost will be open 24/7 inside the Museum and prominently features an icon of Brewster on a sign near the entrance. You’ll be able to access it by climbing up the stairs of the Museum near the Art Gallery.

So for those of you that haven’t played Animal Crossing before you may not understand the significance of Brewster or what his cafe does. So we’ve gone ahead and made a lowdown article for you here!

But for the most part, you’ll most likely be able to buy a cup of steaming coffee to drink and hold around your Fall wonderland.


The Roost Cafe Minigame

The appearance of The Roost Cafe could come with the minigame of you becoming a part-time barista. Back in Animal Crossing: New Leaf if you had befriended Brewster by having enough coffee you can get a part-time job at The Roost.

This minigame has you serving coffee to villagers and special characters. Each animal has a preferred combination of coffee beans, milk, and sugar. If you make the customers happy, Brewster will reward you with coffee beans to take home, as well as rare furniture items.

If you do well over time, your rewards get better and better until you get a rare set of Brewster gyroids. This brings us to our next item.


Are Gyroids Coming?

With the introduction of Brewster, we can predict that gyroids may be making an appearance in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The reason being is that Brewster apart from managing the coffee shop collects the iconic Animal Crossing gyroids.

Gyroids are one of the more unusual furniture items that appear in Animal Crossing. Some can be interacted with or just displayed around your house. In City Folk, players could store their collection in The Roost with Brewster. This might make sense for New Horizons as the cafe is located inside the Museum.

In previous Animal Crossing games, you can obtain furniture gyroids by finding them buried in the ground. Just like finding fossils. If gyroids are introduced into New Horizons that means a whole round of collecting and gameplay objectives. Yay!


The Observatory

The Roost isn’t the only museum feature that should return to the series. The Observatory was also introduced in Animal Crossing: Wild World, along with its keeper Celeste. While Celeste is a recurring visitor in New Horizons, her role is different. Instead of running the Observatory, Celeste wanders the island on certain nights to indicate that a meteor shower may occur.

The Observatory would have to be added above the Art Gallery in the Museum via a secret staircase or tower door? Either that or it could be its own separate building or be located on another island!

In the Observatory, players could create constellations in the night sky and view them on the top screen while wandering the island. If players can look up and see their constellations, it could make the process of finding star fragments a lot more personal.


New Crops

Farming pumpkins was announced in last year’s fall update! We all had a lot of fun growing the pumpkins and making farmland on our island. Since the crop was seasonal and wouldn’t last past Fall I had half expected a new crop to appear so that I’d be able to use my now designed patch of farmland. However, that was not the case, until potentially this update!

With Turkey Day coming up and Franklin’s visit around the corner in November, that would be the perfect opportunity to introduce some new crops! Maybe some potatoes? yams? Really just anything.


House Expansion

One of the best parts of Animal Crossing is decoration and design. While we assume that the update will come with more furniture to place around the place. What we’re also hoping is for more places to put said furniture. An additional expansion to your house could be just the ticket! Whether this is in the form of a new room or even a whole new building. We want more places to decorate!

A shed or studio set away from player houses could be a particularly interesting addition and could be converted into an art room, greenhouse, restaurant – SO MANY THINGS. I’ve always personally wanted a beach house or a theatre on my island.  


Inviting Villagers Over

In previous games, villagers could interact with players in many ways. One of the more personal features was that players used to be able to invite villagers to their homes. I think this comes hand in hand with how stale some of the villager dialogue could be

Next up I’d be happy with some new villager dialogue. I mean I get it we can’t expect too much over here. But it’s been a year, I think a couple more pages of lines would work, Nintendo.


Place Rugs Outside

Once a week, Saharah visits my island, and I buy three rugs from her. In a few visits I can carpet and rug pretty much all of my house. Allowing us to be able to place them outside as decoration would be fantastic. Either in faux rooms that I’ve created or even to just use as a picnic blanket. I know you can use the custom squares but then what do I do with all these rugs??


Quality Of Life Upgrades

What do we want? Bulk Crafting! When do we want it? In the next update!

Lack of bulk crafting has been the bane of many an Animal Crossing: New Horizons player. Being able to craft multiple items at once is going to be a game-changer.

In addition to bigger pocket storage and there’s no limit to the amount of decorating I could do bwahaha. Things are going to get SO FANCY.


Animal Crossing Series 5 amiibo cards

A brand new series of official Animal Crossing Amiibo Cards have just been confirmed by Nintendo in a surprise announcement! Following September’s Direct a new Series 5 of Animal Crossing Amiibo Cards was announced on their Twitter.

Eight new villager amiibo cards that were introduced in Animal Crossing: New Horizons are coming out way. But who could they be? Right now we’re missing Audie, Cyd, Dom, Judy, Megan, Raymond, Reneigh and Sherb.

Besides those new villagers listed above, there are another six new special characters introduced in Animal Crossing: New Horizons have a good shot of finding themselves printed on an amiibo card too. I’m talking about C.J, Daisy Mae, Flick, Gullivarr?, Orville and Wilbur.

Which of these updates will be announced at the Animal Crossing Direct? I guess we’ll know soon!