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Spiritfarer – New Spirit Beverly Update

Spiritfarer is by far one of the best games that came out last year and it deserves all the recognition. If you’re looking for a cosy sim management game with utterly charming graphics, a great music score and a fascinating tearful storyline then you’ve come to the right place. For those of you that have finished Spiritfarer as I have, don’t be quite so quick to delete it. Because developer Thunder Lotus has a couple of surprise updates for us to keep us coming back. The new updates include not only bug fixes and the usual suspects but brand new content in the form of new stories and new spirits.

The latest update is called ‘Beverly’. Beverly was Stella’s neighbour in the living world, and she takes the form of a lovely small owl in Spiritfarer. Check out the trailer and more about what’s in the update right here. For those of you that have completed the game and haven’t visited to see the free Lily update as well we’ll include all the information here too!



Beverly is Stella’s old neighbour. After the new update head over to Oxbury and Stella will be accosted by a stranger, who turns out to be her old neighbor Beverly! She’s been feeling rather lonely on this island and couldn’t be happier to have finally found someone to talk to about the past!

Interestingly her favourite food is Laksa suggesting some Southeast Asian origin. She likes other Exotic and Old Fashioned food. And dislikes Acquired Taste and Stimulants. She’ll be adding a pretty cute farmhouse to your boat yay.


Lily is the younger sister of Stella and takes the form of a swarm of butterflies. She’s here to be your guiding light by granting you the ability to navigate at night, and by offering a sweet and personal window into several scenes of Stella‘s life.

As Stella sets more spirits free and their cabins fill with flowers, butterflies start to appear. When there are enough butterflies, a flower above Stella’s cabin will glow at night. Interacting with it causes the butterflies to settle and form Lily.

Lily is unique in that she is the only spirit in the game that will be active at night time. She only takes form at night and reverts back into individual butterflies during the day.

Interestingly Lily is not actually dead at this time, meaning she is not a spirit. Lily’s butterflies are just her manifested form, transmitting Lilly’s voice. As such, she requires neither a Spirit House nor food. When interacting with her, she does not speak; Stella gives her a hug instead.

She was released on April 20th in the Spring 2021 update.


New Recipes

Spicy new recipes are here in the form of Laksa, Milquetoast, Flamin’ Firebirdz, Aloo Gobi, Chai Latte, Chilaquiles, and Dakgangjeong.


Other New Updates

Spiritfarer‘s save system has been expanded so players can utilize three distinct save slots.

Players can now also build a new station called the Archive room, which allows them to check out old documents and collectables that they’ve collected on their travels. There’s also Buck’s Looter’s Literary reviews, which are magazines that include new quests for treasure seekers.

The developers at Thunder Lotus have also implemented a number of quality of life improvements in Spiritfarer with the Beverly update. Players can utilize the Safe Travel feature to skip Spiritfarer events, sleep faster, select three destinations for travel. Oh and a Watering Upgade. Thse are big boons for you late-game seafarers!


The Next Update – Jackie & Daria

These improvements should definitely be well-received by fans of the game, though it’s worth pointing out that there are even more Spiritfarer updates on the horizon.

The ex update is expected to happen in Fall 2021 and will introduce us to two new spirits. Jackie the caretaker and Daria the patient, who appear to be a hyena and a bat, respectively. This update will also add a new island to Spiritfarer‘s map for players to explore, along with new boat buildings to build, resources to collect, and an event to complete.

Spiritfarer is out now for PC, PS4, Stadia, Switch, and Xbox One.


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