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ReVamp – Is An ‘Among Us’ Clone on Snapchat

ReVamp by Zynga (hello, blast from the past) is the latest in social deception games. But this time it’s exclusively for Snapchat.

Unsurprisingly since Among Us enjoyed a popularity resurgence last year, a wave of copycat games was sure to follow. ReVamp is a real-time social multiplayer game where players try to find the vampire among them. Set a little differently from Among Us, but utilising the same formula, you’re going to have to discover who the imposter… I mean vampire is before you get killed.

ReVamp Gameplay

The story goes like this, a group of six players (rather than 10) are fixing up an old mansion. You and your fellow humans will carry out tasks like demolishing or building things to spruce up the house. However, as you can guess one will not be like the other. There’s a vampire lurking in your midst and they’ll be out for your blood. While sneakily doing fake tasks so that they appear human, just like that dude in accounting. I’m on to you Bryan.

Just like Among Us you’ll employ the greatest tools against all imposters… democracy! When a dead body is found call an emergency to vote and see who the vampire might be.

Zynga and Snapchat

ReVamp will be available in select markets soon and be exclusive to the Snapchat platform. This is Zynga’s third exclusive game for Snapchat. The developer previously released Bumped Out and Tiny Royale on Snapchat. The latter is a top-down take on the battle royale genre popularized by the likes of PUBG: Battlegrounds and Fortnite. For a full list of games check it out on the Zynga platform here.

“We are excited to continue our partnership with Snap to create fun new snackable games that fit seamlessly with their platform’s highly social mechanics,” Bernard Kim, president of publishing at Zynga, said.

ReVamp is part of Zynga and Snap’s multi-game partnership that was announced back in June 2020. Zynga has been an original partner for Snapchat since the launch of the Snap Games platform.