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Destiny 2 – Top Guns for the Best Shots

Best PvP Weapons

We will now list the best PvP weapons. Of course, these are considered good PvE weapons as well, so just go with what you enjoy using.

The Messenger (Pulse Rifle)

The Messenger is a legendary kinetic pulse rifle that is considered one of the best pulse rifles in PvP. It can only be acquired through earning rewards or opening packages in Trials of Osiris.

It can quickly kill opponents in a few bursts when paired with the traits: Rapid Hit, Hammer-Forged Rifling, Desperado, and Outlaw.

Ace of Spades (Hand Cannon)

Ace of Spades is an exotic hand cannon, and it is one of the best in its class, despite being nerfed. Unfortunately, you cannot obtain it by doing a quest since the content originally for getting Ace of Spades has already been vaulted. However, you can get one for yourself by buying it from the Exotic Archive in the Tower.

Its Memento Mori perk makes Ace of Spades a very lethal weapon for PvP. Especially if you manage to activate it continuously. It also has high stats and good upgrade perks to make it more stable.

The Chaperone (The Shotgun)

The Chaperone, an exotic kinetic shotgun, is simply one of the best shotguns for PvP. You can obtain it by completing the Holliday Family History Quest and complete a bunch of activities in Crucible and Gambit.

Despite the nerf in the shotgun class, The Chaperone is still a great weapon to use because of its range. Nothing can come close in the same class with its range. It can one-tap another opponent if you hit a headshot, something that is easier to do with The Chaperone compared to other shotguns.

Adored (Sniper Rifle)

Adored is the spiritual successor of Beloved, which used to be the best sniper for PvP in Destiny 2. To obtain it, you can do the quest Banshee-44 will give out, and you can choose whether you finish in one of these three: Strikes, Crucible, or Gambit.

This is also a ritual weapon, so it has a fixed perk pool, plus it is relatively easy to obtain as well. If your Adored has Killing Wind and Snapshot Sights perks, then it is definitely a great weapon to use in PvP.

Heir Apparent (Machine Gun)

Heir Apparent is an exotic machine gun and one of the best machine guns for PvP. To acquire Heir Apparent, you have to talk to Eva Levante to start the “The Games Begin” Quest. Completing it will earn you this exotic machine gun.

It is not the best in dealing damage per second, but it is powerful enough to shred enemies in PvP. Additionally, its perk, Armor of the Colossus, protects you with an arc shield when this gun has spun up. It will give you a tremendous advantage over your enemies. The Catalyst for this gun improves this perk, making your shield more powerful.



These are the best weapons to use in Destiny 2 right now. The new season is fairly new, but these weapons will certainly help you dominate both in PvE and PvP activities, especially if you get amazing rolls for the non-exotic guns.

So, how about you? What are your best guns for the current season? Let us know in the comments below, we’d love to hear from you!


This article was an original contribution by Sarah from the site OffGamers. Check out the site for all your gaming needs!