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Deathloop – The Best Weapons And How To Get Them

Colt Vahn is trapped in the vicious cycle that is Deathloop and as far as the name goes you can guess that death is going to break you out of there. Kill the 8 Visionaries keeping you trapped on the island and earn your freedom. But for that, you’re going to need to arm yourself with the best weapons in Black Reef.

Because your life in Black Reef is stuck on a loop you’re going to be stuck looking for new guns and ammo every time you restart. That is until you get the ability to Infuse equipment. Then you’ll be able to build a much more reliable arsenal, allowing you to drop in each loop with a much better performance.

There are 4 rarity levels of weapons to collect in Deathloop: Grey, Blue, Purple, and Gold. With the increase in rarity comes extra perks as well as additional Trinket buffs. Making a normal gun much more powerful. There are 6 types of guns for you to find – handguns, SMGs machine guns, rifles, shotguns, pistols.

Deathloop essentially tosses you into the thick of things and these guns are easy to miss. So make sure you’ve studied this list to get them all and break the loop.


PT-6 Spiker, Nailgun

One of the first weapons you’ll lay your hands on in Deathloop is the PT-6 Spiker nailgun. This Nailgun can land lethal, silenced headshots at a decent range. While the sight is good, you might actually find it easier to use un-aimed as the crosshairs turn red when you’re going to inflict damage and confirm you’ll hit a target at range. 

The major benefit of the PT-6 Spiker is that its shots are silent. This means you can methodically sweep through maps without raising the alarm and bringing everyone in the area down on your head.

It’s great for thinning out difficult to pass clusters of enemies when you’re trying to complete objectives in a specific way and keep a low profile.

Location (Echolocation PT-6 Spiker): You won’t be able to get this special Spiker until you reach the part of the game where you’re using the power station to open up the Horizon Stations scattered around the map. When that happens head to Karl’s Bay in the afternoon and open up Akkar Station to find this gun.

It fires radar bullets that will still kill people, but also scan and tag any enemies in the immediate area. It’s an incredibly useful weapon if you want to avoid any surprises. 

Best Trinkets: Lightning Strike, Sure Shot


Sepulchra Breteira, Sniper Rifle

It should come as no surprise that the best-ranged weapon you’re going to get is a senior rifle. The Sepulchra Breteira in particular has a special ability to create an explosion when you land a headshot. So it’s great for dispersing groups of Eternalists. Which is one of the drawbacks of using a sniper rifle.

Location: The Sepulchra Breterira is found in Updaam during the afternoon. As you enter the area, an Eternalist will come up on the intercom and invite Colt to open a giant gift box in Dorsey Square. Head there and survive the ambush to claim the sniper for yourself.

Or you can also find Juliana using it when she invades your game.

Best Trinkets: Speedloader, Big Box, Hailfire


Constancy Automatic, SMG Pistol

Frank’s Constancy Automatic has two clips, which means you can reload and keep firing at the same time. Beyond that, it acts like a submachine gun. You just have to be careful because being able to fire while reloading makes it very easy to burn through all your ammo. It has a strong recoil, so the Shock Absorber Trinket should be the first one you equip.

The best version of Constancy comes with the Feedback Loop buff, which stacks damage when landing shots. Paired with the Hailfire Trinket to increase the rate of fire for a gun that already shoots pretty fast. This Constancy tears through anything it aims at, even Julianna.

Location: If you head to Fristad Rock in the morning you can take out the Visionary Ramblin’ Frank and take his SMG pistol. It’s got the Snare perk that slows enemies it hits, and also sports a dual magazine system that lets you reload while still firing.

The only downside is his Class Pass system that requires a wristband that will cancel your powers to get in. You’ll either have to reach and kill him without your abilities to get it. Or take the Class Pass all the way to Charlie’s place in Updaam where it will get you into another Class Pass door in a lower level at the back. There you’ll find a code to turn Frank’s security system off. 

Best Trinkets: Shock Absorber


The Tribunal, Pistol

The Tribunàl is a pretty effective pistol on its own, but the best version of the pistol is the one that comes with the Suppressor trait built into it. This pistol is almost completely silent and allows you to stealthily explore each of the four districts in the game, without ever being spotted. Sneaking around with this weapon is incredibly easy, and you can virtually avoid detection anywhere.

Location: If you have the Deluxe Edition of the game, you will automatically get the Tribunàl with this trait once you complete the main quest ‘The Longest Day’. But, if you didn’t fork out the extra dough for these bonuses, you can also find a Tribunàl with the Suppressor trait on enemies.

When it comes to finding an enemy with the Tribunàl on their person, be sure to tag enemies to see what kind of weapon they are carrying. If they are holding a pistol, that is your cue to go and kill them as they might be holding the Tribunàl.

Best Trinkets: Straight Shooter, Lighting Strike, Sure Shot, Hipster


Heritage Gun, Shotgun/Rifle

Capable of pinging Eternalists from half a map away and controlling crowds of enemies at close range. The Heritage Gun is an incredibly versatile and satisfying shotgun with both slug and traditional spread modes.

The weapon can transform between a slug firing rifle and a widespread shotgun, making it two guns in one. While the shotgun mode is a little weak (due to the incredibly wide pellet distribution) the slug mode is a beast, with a one-shot kill, auto-aim snap that destroys enemies and make a great noise with it. 

Location: The Fathoms of Lament attraction in Karl’s Bay in the evening. Head into the Fathoms building when it’s open and you’ll find a map with flashing lights on. Each one will represent a present you can open if you can reach it. They’ll be mostly randomised, cycling between a roster of set locations. Each will have a challenge to overcome from turrets to trip mines. Most of them will usually explode when you open them so get clear as soon as you interact with them (although you will get the odd Trinket).

One present will be inside the Dawn of Reason building – save that until last as it’s filled with codes that appear as you complete the other presents. They’ll appear as pictograms on the walls inside and give you the number to open the door within the three-minute time limit. 

When that’s done head back to the Fathoms of Lament where the door at the back will now open. There’s an assault course of levers to pull against a time limit while avoiding lasers that will reset the clock. You can reach the Field Nullifier that blocks your powers behind some breakable planks, so do that and bring Shift and Aether so you can use teleport and invisibility to cheat. Once all the leavers are pulled the case will open and the gun will be yours. 

Best Trinkets: Speedloader, Sure Shot


Charlie’s Strelak 50-50, Shotgun

This full-auto shotgun has an incredible base range with the addition of the Snare perk which slows down enemies, makes it incredibly powerful. Shotguns are usually a staple when it comes to effective weapons, but they lack range, limiting you to close-quarters combat. 

The Strelak 50-50 lets you play at mid-range without losing the devastating power and speed a shotgun brings to the table. The twin drum ammunition removes the need to constantly reload but when you do, it takes a long time.

Location: Follow the Visionary lead to reach Charlie to get it from his corpse. It’s a strong gun, and worth getting early as it’ll make killing other Visionaries or Julianna a lot easier. 

Best Trinkets: Speedloader, Hipster, Lightning Strike, Hailfire


Strelak Verso – Pistol/SMG

The Strelak Verso is a multipurpose dual-wield pistol and SMG with a huge damage output compared to nearly everything else on the roster. These are probably the best guns in the entire game. They come with the Snare perk to slow enemies when you hit them and also transform for a burst fire SMG.

Where other guns might need multiple reloads to finish the job, the Strelak Verso can take out pretty much any character in one clip.

Location: Found around Noon in The Complex. Visit the bunker next to Egor’s camp lab, under the leg of the Stabilizer Core. The Eternalists will have blown open a weapons depot, but you’ll need four batteries to open the inner door.

You can either collect them from the office outside overlooking the entrance to the weapons depot. There are some fireworks you can set off to the left of the sealed door to get inside. Or do a couple of quick runs over to the Loop Control Centre and grab the batteries near the projector there.

Best Trinkets: Double Trouble, Pistolero, Shock Absorber


Harriet’s Fourpounder, Hand Cannon

A gun that has to be handled with care, the Fourpounder is not for the reckless shooter. While its powerful shot and damage potential might draw you in, the slow rate of fire will leave a careless player exposed and vulnerable. Before firing, you have to make sure it’s going to hit and hit hard, putting you at an advantage while giving you time to reload.

If you’re going to use the Fourpounder, why not use two? Doubling the firepower while decreasing your chances of getting stuck reloading with no high calibre bullets to fire.

Location: You can find and kill Harriet in her Karl’s Bay Hangar in the morning. She’s got a weird thing for gas and her Fourpounder pistol has the Toxic Haze perk which makes its bullets create clouds of toxic gas on impact. It’s great for damaging enemies behind cover, creating a poisonous barrier and just generally not having to aim that much. Just be careful though as the gas can hurt you too.   

Best Trinkets: Double Trouble



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