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The Best CAMP Site Builds In Fallout 76 2021

Fallout 76 is probably one of the most controversial Fallout games of the series. Mostly because of its epic-ly shoddy launch back in 2018. When the game was released it was riddled with frustrating bugs, server issues, balance problems and a lack of content. As a current Fallout 76 player, I can attest to the bugs and server issues but Bethesda has really been stepping up on their part to redeem the Fallout name.

Less intricate than that of Fallout 4‘s settlement, CAMPs have really come a long way since its launch. In no small part thanks to the constant skins, blueprints etc. being released. As well as the overall creative ingenuity of the community as a whole. Whenever there’s an option to customise there’s always going to be some people that will blow it out of the park and make the rest of us look bad. Here is that list of people.

Go forth and get inspired! Or just feel bad about yourself and binge watch tutorial builds. Either way I’m there with you.


Modern Rooftop Garden by MJL Crane

MJL Crane is no stranger to the game of intricate CAMP builds. If you follow her on Reddit or YouTube you’ll see that she favours the modern architectural design. This means clean walls, windows with brick and wood texture to keep it homey. I especially how she’s able to hide the generators, mine is a mess.

Her latest build is the rooftop garden camp that features a multi-level living abode that focuses on enjoying the outdoors, indoors. She does this with lots of windows, light and of course outdoor hangout areas. That bathroom on the top floor is definitely goals.

If you’re a fan of this look be sure to check out her other CAMP builds that share this common clean aesthetic.

YouTube: MJL Crane


Tudor House by Khalil Smooth

Another famous CAMP architect in Fallout 76‘s Appalachia is ‘Khalil Smooth’. Not only do his CAMP sites truly commit to architectural vision but makes these great video trailers for them as well. His not too latest build but one that I personally like is this Tudor model. It’s homey with lots of dark wood, brick and fire. Giving you a much needed wooden sanctuary in the wilderness.

Keeping with the woodsy theme, another one that I like from him is the Log Cabin CAMP. The bundle is currently on sale right now in Fallout 76 at the time of writing. And it definitely looks like a place I’d want to spend the weekend. He’s set it up in the best place possible, high up in rocky wilds overlooking the valley.

YouTube: Khalil Smooth


Toxic Palace by NukaViolet

To the North of Appalachia, surrounding the city of Grafton is the region now dubbed the Toxic Valley. The Grafton Steel Mill has turned this previously lush region into a toxic wasteland. The polluted white waters of this land are home to all sorts of horrifying mutates beasts. If this is where you choose to make your CAMP then it might as well be a palace.

This stunning home like the area around it is for bad bitches only. There’s a grand towering entrance, rough skull, bones and steel all around and of course a throne. Loving the imagination and rough vibes of this palace in the middle of the Toxic Valley.

Another fabulous CAMP site by NukaViolet is this Cyberpunk themed one. Neon drenched, commercialisation heavy with smatterings of vintage wear all really suit the Cyberpunk vibe. It’s messier than most but the whole CAMP works. Be sure to check out her YouTube for more builds.

YouTube: NukaViolet


Treehouse CAMP by Daka The Wanderer

Ever since I visited Treehouse Village aka The Retreat I’ve always wanted to make a CAMP Treehouse. Daka The Wanderer has made my dreams come true complete with a tree right in the middle. The gorgeous tree is really the star of this CAMP and it’s accented by the low wall build. Giving you a seamless transition between your living space and the outdoors.

I love her creative use of space. Which we can find once again with this pool build. My CAMP resides next to a lake but I never thought to make it a pool! I’m definitely using this as inspiration in my build for sure. Be sure to check out her other YouTube videos that also include tutorials for building your CAMP.

YouTube: Daka The Wanderer


Abandoned Mine CAMP by AquaNova Play

AquaNova is quite the architect because not only do they build settlements in Fallout 76 but they do so as well for Valheim and Fortnite. Which are also just great if you’re a fan of building creation. In this CAMP build, they use the recently released Abandoned Mine Cave Entrance which I love. I just haven’t figured out the best way to use it. But this has definitely given me some ideas.

This has a whole ‘Witch in the Woods’ vibe complete with a treehouse and outdoor play areas. That lighting as well is just wonderful. I like that there’s this whole forest in the middle of a cave which is something you may not be expecting. But it works. One of my favourite parts is the actual train tunnel that works as a museum/workshop area.

I think you can tell from this list that I’m a sucker for a treehouse. And AquaNova has here a rustic one that’s all glass, wood and bricks. It’s exceedingly cosy and full of quirky little pieces that intersperse with the tree around it. On her YouTube channel, she does full speed builds that you can check out. Including the very recently released Wavy Willard’s Waterslide.

YouTube: AquaNova Play


Toxic Valley Houseboat by Ruby

I love how creative the Fallout 76 community is. Just imagine fashioning your CAMP into a houseboat. I know this has been done before but this one by Ruby has great vision to it. It’s almost a luxury log cabin but it’s a boat that somehow ended up stranded in the Toxic Valley. It’s cosy, quaint and the bedrooms below are snug and perfect. You can almost forget you’re in a toxic swamp.

I can’t decide which I like more the houseboat or this modern almost hotel/club in Ash Heap. For both places, Ruby has decided to make completely luxurious settings in the middle of nowhere. And really isn’t that the aim for all our CAMPs. Based on the video this one almost has drug lord vibes in the middle of nowhere.

YouTube: Ruby


McDonald’s CAMP by DatJuicyPickle

I wouldn’t want to live here but man is this build legit looking. From the golden arches in the front to the cafe style set up, cashiers and kitchens. There’s even a side place where there’s a party going on. I can’t help but be impressed by all this attention to detail.

There’s also a KFC version for those that are interested in looking. I think I’d be so pleased if I ever just stumbled upon one of these builds while wandering in Appalachia.

YouTube: DatJuicyPickle


Japanese Pagoda & Dojo by LoganRTX

This is by far my favourite CAMP build and one of the reasons why I made this article in the first place. Because omg how?! LoganRTX has really captured the clean look and feel of Japanese architecture and he’s built it in the middle of a lake. It’s got an amazing zen garden, clean lines, minimalistic decor. Just everything works and I can’t help but want to make it myself. This is great because his channel also runs pretty intricate tutorials on how to build this yourself.

I’d recommend as well taking a look at his other CAMP builds because they are amazing. I actually can’t decide which other CAMP I like best so I’ll just put this impressive monster over here.

YouTube: LoganRTX


All these Fallout 76 CAMPs just make mine look like trash. But I love that the community are so creative and detail-oriented. It really breathes life into a game that honestly I really enjoy playing. This isn’t related to the article but the latest expansion Fallout 76’s Steel Reign should make you take another look at the game again. Just sayin’. Maybe I should write another piece on that.

But if you enjoyed this article let me know. And if you’re interested in seeing more in-game builds we have another one for you in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Another great creative space where gamers have proven that their all at least one-third architects and interior designers.