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Pokémon Unite – The Strongest Pokémon To Play

Pokémon Unite is a free-to-play, Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) video game for the Nintendo Switch, Android and iOS. If you’re familiar with the MOBA genre, it’s a real-time strategy game where two teams face off against each other to collect points.

There are currently 20 Pokémon for you to choose from in Pokémon Unite. These Pokémon are further divided into five different battle types with each Pokémon having a distinct moveset that determines its advantages and disadvantages. Quick Access list here:






Of course, keep in mind that Pokémon Unite is a strategic team battle game. So it won’t do well for just all of your team to pick attackers etc. Sometimes you may not be able to pick your favourite if the circumstances don’t permit it. It’s a good idea to experiment with a variety of playstyles, so you’re always ready to adapt.

With that being said here are some of the strongest Pokémon you can play divided by battle type. Keep in mind that this list will be evolving with patches and the introduction of new Pokémon.


Best Pokémon Unite Attackers

Even though they have low endurance, Attacker Pokémon in Pokémon Unite are the creatures that can deal a heavy amount of damage to their opponents – be it in close combat or at a distance.


Cinderace is one of the best Pokémon in the game when it comes to purely dealing damage. Using Fient to become temporarily invincible and burning other Pokémon with its attacks makes Cinderace one of the strongest Pokémon players can use.

Cinderace’s mobility allows it to quickly run into battle and deal a significant amount of damage. Since some of Cinderace’s moves have an effect on each other, it’s a good idea to plan your moveset out before the match (our recommendations are bolded below). When playing this Pokémon, you should always focus on levelling it up as quickly as possible. This is because, Scorbunny, is quite weak in the early game.

Cinderace Move List

Level 1-3

Ember: A flame attack that inflicts burn, causes additional damage for the next three attacks
Low Sweep: Deals damage and decreases movement speed briefly

Level 7

Pyro Ball: Deals damage and burns
Blaze Kick: Always critically strikes, knocks back and burns hit enemies

Level 8

Flame Charge: Deals damage with a forward thrust, increases range and damage of next user’s attack
Feint: Increases movement speed and makes them invincible for a short time

Unite Move: Blazing Bicycle Kick

Cinderace combines power with speed, in a similar vein to Greninja. Blaze Kick is also a guaranteed critical hit on opponents when it hits, while the Unite move Blazing Bicycle Kick shoots Cinderace’s trademark giant ball of fire to deal massive damage. For newcomers, Cinderace is one of the easier attackers to get to grips with but is still capable of being one of the best attackers in the game.



Cramorant is a fairly underrated choice in Pokémon Unite. It deals lots of damage from a long-range, and its Whirlpool attack can give you an edge over almost any other opponent in the early game. Its turret-like attacks help keep the pressure on as the match comes to a close.

Your goal with Cramorant should be to use its Unite Move surrounded by either wild Pokémon or the enemy team because it will allow you to cause a large amount of damage very quickly.

Cramorant Move List

Level 1 – 3

Whirlpool: Deals damage to enemies in the area of effect.
Feather Dance: Decreases enemy attack and movement speed temporarily

Level 4

Hurricane: Deals damage and temporarily stuns enemies in a wind
Air Slash: Shoots out blades of air while jumping backwards

Level 6

Surf: Attacks enemies with two waves of damage like a boomerang, can also be used to catch prey
Dive: Creates a puddle that can be used to dive and damage others and catch prey

Unite Move: Gatling Gulp Missile

Cramorant is one of the most unique attackers who use the ability Gulp Missile to catch prey and wild Pokémon in its beak. When you take damage, Cramorant shoots the prey from its beak, dealing damage to others. Cramorant’s Unite Move, Gatling Gulp Missile, shoots a barrage of prey at any nearby opposing Pokémon.



Pikachu will be your first Pokémon in Unite. As its skills are useful and easy to understand, it’s a solid pick for anyone starting out. Pikachu’s long-range and variety of attacks is perfect for crowd control and generally causing an awful lot of damage.

When selecting Pikachu’s moveset it’s a good idea to focus on moves that cause both damages and utilises Pikachu’s ability to paralyze opponents. Our recommendations are bolded below.

Pikachu Move List

Level 1-3

Thunder Shock: Deals damage to enemies and paralyses for a short time
Electroweb: Attacks and captures enemies in an electric net, making them unable to move

Level 4

Electro Ball: Throws electric orb to deal damage and paralyses for a short time
Thunder: Deals damage to enemies in an area of effect

Level 6

Volt Tackle: Pikachu charges ahead to damage enemies
Thunderbolt: Deals damage with an electrical blast in an area of effect

Unite Move: Thunderstorm

The most famous Pokémon around is both an easy starting point for new players and is our pick for the best Attacker in Pokémon Unite. Pikachu’s electricity attacks deal strong damage at range and can paralyze opponents too. Its Unite Move, Thunderstorm, blasts all surrounding enemy Pokémon with lightning, with the possibility of wiping out multiple foes at once.