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Genshin Impact: How to Play Kaboomball Kombat

Kaboomball Kombat is a dodgeball-style Summertime event in Genshin Impact happening from July 2nd – 12th 2021! The amazing, amusing, ball-launching Dodofortresses have been activated. Use your Dodoguard to reflect and return the Kaboomballs they fire and take down the Fortress!

Just like Theater Mechanicus during the Lantern Rite event, Koboomball Kombat is a limited-time event that will reward the player with the event’s currency. This Summertime event will net you those Enigma Gears that you can trade for in the event shop. Find out everything you need to know on how to start and play Koboomball Kombat!


How To Start Kaboomball Kombat

To unlock the Kaboomball Kombat, you need to interact with the painting left by Albedo on the island hidden by the Water Dome. The northwest area of Minacious Isle, in the Golden Apple Archipelago. Proceed to the challenge location, and approach the canvas to start the challenge. There’ll be a difficulty setting which you’ll need to select and then you’re good to go!

The Kaboomball Kombat event has three different trials. Each coming with its own set of challenges players can complete. These range from destroying a certain amount of Dodofortresses, to dealing a certain amount of Perfect Returns. These challenges can take a few tries to complete, and players can do the event in Multiplayer mode with one other teammate to make completing challenges easier.

In order to be able to participate in this event, you’ll need to have an Adventure Rank of 21 or higher. You’ll be able to play this event on your own. Or you can play it with a friend (max. 2) in Co-Op mode!


How To Play Kaboomball Kombat

The aim of Koboomball Kombat is to take down as many Dodofortress as you can. Do this by using your Dodoguards to reflect Koboomballs and deal damage to the Dodofortress. Tap the attack button to swing your Dodoguard at the right time to deflect Kaboomballs, and send them back to the Dodofortress to deal damage.  Defeat as many Dodofortresses within the time limit as possible to earn the highest score!

When a Dodofortress is hit by a return shot, it will build up a Fury meter. Once it’s full, the Dodofortress will enter a Fury Faze for a time, increasing its rate of Kaboomball fire and the chances of it firing off special Kaboomballs.

Tip #1 – Return From The Side

You can hit back the balls easier when you stand beside it rather than facing it from your front. Depending on the timing of your Dodoguards you’ll be able to reflect the ball with a Normal or Perfect Return. Perfect Returns do more damage than Normal.

Hitting from the side gives you a better chance of getting off a Perfect return.

Tip #2 – Only Perfect Returns Can Take Down Shields

Some Dodofortresses may generate a shield to defend themselves. This shield cannot be damaged by Normal Returns. They can only be destroyed by Perfect Returns.


Kaboomballs and Shazam Fruits

Kaboomballs and Shazam Fruits are the power-ups of the games. Different types will give you a boost. While some will hit you with some negative effects. Here’s a list of all of them:


Genshin Impact has lots of ongoing updates from characters, land expansions, quests and more! Be sure to keep up to date with all our Genshin Impact guides and strategies right here!

Genshin Impact is available on the PlayStation 5 | 4, PC, iOS and App Store.