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The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild 2 – Everything we Know

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 was the ultimate closing act for Nintendo’s E3 2021 showcase! It’s been 2 years of painstaking waiting since Nintendo last showed us any footage. But now after years of radio silence, we’ve got new gameplay, features and even a release window!

The sequel to the hugely successful Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is not actually called Breath of the Wild 2. The name of the game hasn’t actually been released, with the reason being that the name may give too much away to the overall theme of the game. Breath of the Wild explored the wildlands of Hyrule. In this one, it looks like we’re spending a lot of time in the clouds. So maybe Fall of the Sky?

In this article, we’re going to be talking about everything we know about Breath of the Wild 2 from watching its last two trailers. Stay tuned to this article because we’re going to keep updating it as more information comes out!


Breath Of The Wild 2 – The Story

At E3 2019, Nintendo released a trailer that hints at the events that preceding Breath of the Wild 2. After defeating Ganon in the previous game it looks like Link is taking Zelda on a date to the site of his death. Uber creepy Link. It seems that their romantic elephant ride is stopped short by what appears to be the resurrection of a mummified Ganondorf by a disembodied glowing hand. I know there’s no exact confirmation to it being Ganon but really who else could it be?

The trailer then ends with Hyrule Castle breaking from the earth and launching into the sky.

What could that glowing hand be? In the trailer looks a bit reminiscent of Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. Could this be the return/introductin of the Twili? Or from the shadows on the wall could the big bad this time be Demise? The main villain from Skyward Sword and potentially the OG evil spirit that created Ganondorf.

At E3 2021 the Breath of the Wild 2 gameplay continues almost exactly at the end of the trailer we got back in 2019. After the mummified gets reawakened Hyrule Castle splits from the earth to launch it into the sky. It looks like the blight is back along with a mysterious green power. We also see a shot of Zelda falling that could only mean one thing, Zelda is in need of rescuing again.

We’ve heard from Zelda series producer Eiji Aonuma that the game is going to have a darker tone than Breath of the Wild, and will even be “a little bit darker” than Majora’s Mask. If mummified Ganon is anything to go by then they’re heading in the right direction.


The Setting – We’re Still In Hyrule

Breath of The Wild 2 is the only Legend of Zelda game that has a direct sequel. Game Director Eiji Aonuma said that the reason Nintendo was making a continuation, rather than introducing a brand new subtitle to the series, was because he “wanted to revisit that Hyrule again and use that world again”. And you’ll get no complaints from me about that. But based on the gameplay trailer it looks like the Hyrule you knew in the first game isn’t going to be the exact same one in Breath of the Wild 2.

The wildlands of Hyrule haven’t changed as much but this time we’re getting to see them from a whole new perspective. From the sky. There’s a whole new place to explore, courtesy of a chain of large floating islands. We’re not sure how this all got here but it looks like Hyrule Castle has been lifted up due to what appears to be mummified Calamity Ganon.


A Sheikah Arm?

What’s going on with Link’s arm in Breath of the Wild 2? At the beginning of the trailer, we see him almost get wrapped up by the blight but is potentially saved by his Sheikah Slate? If I were to hazard a guess on what happened the Sheikah Slate is now affixed to his arm to protect it from spreading. We know that this is his Sheikah Slate or potentially a new form of Shiekah tech because in the trailer Link can now wield the powers of the slate with his arm.

We see this when he points his palm out at the rolling spike balls to stop them weilding Stasis without the use of the Slate.


Link Is Sporting A Brand New Look

The Link that falls from the sky ala Skyward Sword-style is sporting a different style from the younger Breath of The Wild 1 Link. In addition to his new Shiekah Arm, he’s got a couple of new outfits. Including one that looks like a toga and sandals as well as a longer hairdo to make the most of those upward drafts.

All jokes aside this imagery is very reminiscent of Skyward Sword and it’s probably not a coincidence that it’s getting a release later this year. After all, Skyward Sword is the only game that has Link exploring floating islands and falling down to the world below. Perhaps the two stories directly tie into each other in some way?

Nintendo hasn’t officially revealed where Breath of the Wild fits into the Legend of Zelda timeline after all, but it does seem to be near the end.


Paraglider Upgrade

Our trusty paraglider has gone through an upgrade since the first game. Which makes sense because we’re now flying high in the sky. It looks like we’ll definitely need more wind flight to cover the distance as we hop from sky island to sky island. If you look at the glider there are two talon-like objects protruding out of it, that definitely looks sturdier to what we were riding around in before.


Upward Teleportation

It looks like you won’t be summoning wind currents to lift you up in the sky in Breath of the Wild 2. There’s now apparently some sort of magic pond where you can swim upwards into the sky? Then appear through a portal on land. Okay, convenient.


Breath Of The Wild 2 Has New & Old Enemies

What we haven’t seen so far in Breath of the Wild 2 has been Guardians. But we have gotten a look at the updated Bokoblins. As well as this new guy who’s a strange part-mechanical, part-rock creature. It’s hard to tell if this will be friend or foe as he does have the Sheikah symbol for arms. But it’s probably a new enemy. There’s also a new symbol on its belt? Which looks to us like a broom surrounded by the strange teal glyphs that we saw binding Ganon in the first trailer.

One of the biggest changes in Breath of the Wild 2 is enemy mashups! Tired of getting their butts kicked it looks like these Bokoblins have decided to team up with a Stone Talus to double their Link ass-kicking power. Imagine trying to take down that big beastie while arrows are being shot at you!

I mean if those guys are actually Bokoblins. They actually seem to have a Moblin-style horn on their head. Could this be a second-generation evolution of the Bokoblin?


Introducing A Flamethrower

One of the most exciting gameplay features at least for me is the addition of a flamethrower! On Link’s right arm we’ve established some sort of new Sheikah Arm, but on his left in this boss battle is a cool dragon-head that breathes FIRE. From the way, he’s holding it the Flamethrower head might even double as a kind of shield combination.

I’m never going to not set things on fire with this baby.


When Is Breath Of The Wild 2 Coming Out?

The latest gameplay teaser at E3 2021 announces the game’s launch in 2022. There’s no exact date yet but we’ll know more probably towards the end of the year or beginning of next year. Just like the previous Breath of the Wild game, this will be a Nintendo Switch exclusive.

Breath of the Wild 2 is already taking pre-orders on Amazon and Game UK for USD $59.99 and £59.99 respectively. And we’ll be updating this page with more information as its released so stay tuned!