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Ooblets – The Best Ooblets For Your Dance Team

Ooblets just launched its v0.8 Port Forward update and if you’ve missed out on this game you really shouldn’t have. The game is out on Early Access on the Epic Games store right now and it’s well worth your time and money to get. That is if you love being charmed and delighted by slightly silly things.

I don’t want to compare Ooblets to any game but it does have some Pokémon-esque monster collecting qualities, intermingled with a light farming simulator. It’s wonderful and cosy and once you get into its pretty simple mechanics it’s surprisingly hard to stop. In the world of Ooblets adorable squishy friends are everywhere. Grow them in your garden with seeds you collect by dance battling other Ooblets.

How it works is that you select your team of follow babies that dance it off against other Ooblets. Each dance-off round has a number of beats for you to spend on moves that generate a certain number of points. And/or effect the dance battle in some way e.g. multiplying your points, increasing your beats, stunning your opponents etc. The team that gets the highest number of points wins the dance-off! In agonising defeat, the losing Ooblet poops out a seed for you to grow the same species of Ooblet.

In this guide, we’re listing the best Ooblets to have on your dance battle team! Crush them Shrumbo!



Location: Badgetown
Dance Requirements: 1 Peaksnubs Pickle

You can get Bittle at the very beginning if you join the Peaksnubs club. Or you’ll be able to unlock him later once you add more wishies to the well. Bittle is good in a dance battle because his moves are cheap and he’s what I’d label as a more attack/aggressive Ooblet. Meaning that his moves are geared towards stealing points and adding fluster.

Signature Moves

  • Pilfer Polka (2 Beats) – Steal 4 points
  • Flout or Doubt (1 Beat) – Add 1 fluster to the opponent’s team
  • Capoeira Copy (0 Beats) – Steal a random opponent’s signature move


Location: Badgetown
Dance Requirements: 2 Froobtose

Clickyclaws almost always pulls in clutch at the Dance Barn. His signature move lineup is simple, cheap and strong, with most of his moves costing 0-2 points. At just Level 1 its ‘Marginal Mamba’ ability gives you an extra beat for absolutely no cost. So useful. Additionally, the rest of Clickyclaw’s hype and steal combination makes him very unforgiving in a dance battle. Clickyclaws is a must-have for any winning Ooblet dance team.

Signature Moves

  • Marginal Mamba (0 Beats) – Gain 1 point
  • Hopping Mad (1 Beat) – Gain 1 hype
  • Just A Taste (2 Beats) – Steal 5 points


Location: Badgetown
Dance Requirements: 2 Sweetiebeetie

This thicc boi is a stunner. His stuns can absolutely encapcitate an entire team, or just one particularly aggresive Ooblet, which is extremely useful for those harder group battles. Clomper is more of a support Ooblet so I’d use him for group dance battles but not for 1v1 at the dance barn. He really doesn’t shine on his own and will need another point generating Ooblet like Shrumbo in order to win.

Signature Moves

  • Shock ‘N Shimmy (2 Beats) – Stun target for 2 turns
  • Jittershrug (0 Beats) – Stun target for 1 turn
  • Astound Around (3 Beats) – Stun opponent team for 1 turn


Location: Mamoonia
Dance Requirements: 1 Quib

Firmo is not a remarkable Ooblet but she’s a fairly decent background cannon Ooblet (if that’s a description). Just activate her ‘Loaded Lindy’ warm-up move and let her chill in the back until its time. It’s a nice little backpocket movie to have. Just leave Fripp warming up in the back and bam almost instant victory. You can even pair her with an Ooblet that lowers warm-up times and you’ll have these dance battles sorted! That zero beat fluster and 4 point boost isn’t anything to scoff at either.

Signature Moves

  • Fair Port-De-Corps (0 Beats) – Add 1 fluster to your team, earn 4 points
  • Loaded Lindy (2 Beats) – Earn 18 points after 4 turns of warm-up
  • Swing Crimson (1 Beat) – Add 3 trepidation (useless) cards to your deck, earn 6 points


Location: Badgetown
Dance Requirements: 3 Beanjuice

Isopud is a solid support Ooblet and one whose ‘Repress Duress’ comes in handy when battling particularly aggresive dance teams. Nothing worse than being stuck in a stun or fluster cycle. Not only is he useful for clearing up the negative affects his extra beats are cheap so you can just activate them for a good boost early/mid game. And as we mentioned earlier with Fripp pairing her with a support like Isopud can drastically improve her moveset. 18 points x 2? Fuggedaboutit.

Signature Moves

  • Hunker Down (1 Beat) – Get 3 extra beats after 2 turns of warm-up
  • Spin Up (2 Beats) – Join a teammate’s warm-up move and increase any points it earns by 50%
  • Repress Duress (2 Beats) – Clear all stun, trepidation, and fluster from your team


Location: Badgetown
Dance Requirements: 4 Planklets

The OG meta when Ooblets began, he’s on my team but it’s been a while since I’ve busted him out. I will say though that he is one of the better starting Ooblets you can get. Lumpstump is the first Ooblet you’ll be battling when you first start so there’s no way to miss him. He’s a solid one to have to rack up points and to keep the enemy down. However compared to Clickyclaws or Nuppo his moves are definitely more expensive. But it also depends on your playstyle if you don’t care about cheap moves, he’s definitely a good choice to have on your team.

Signature Moves

  • Put Down Roots (2 Beats) – Gain 3 points and 1 hype
  • Boogie Blossom (3 Beats) – Gain 6 points and 2 hype
  • Shake The Tree (4 Beats) – Steal 5 points and add 3 fluster to the opponent


Location: Badgetown
Dance Requirements: 1 Flootikarioka

Just like Lumpstump and Clickyclaws, Nuppo is an all around character that’s focused on getting you points and keeping the opponent down. He’s got a bit of a swiss army knife of moves that are going to be useful in pretty much any situation. Whether it’s to hype you up or to damage the opponents he’s there. While not as cheap as Clickyclaws or Namnam, I like to keep him around. Nuppo is also pretty handy to have at the 1v1 Dance Barn tournaments. His stun can lock the opponents indefinitely while he just grooves to the beat by himself.

Signature Moves

  • Friend Flurry Floss (2 Beats) – Gain 2 hype
  • Flummoxtrot (1 Beat) – Earn 5 points and add 1 fluster to opponent team
  • Grand Adage (2 Beats) – Stun target for 3 turns


Location: Nullwhere
Dance Requirements: 1 Gloom Bun

Namnam is part of this whole cheap attack squad that I have going on right now in Ooblets. Don’t you hate when you aren’t able to use all your beat points because of your cards? Namnam is going to take care of that. Everything she does costs 1 beat and her moves are excellent in shutting that opponent team down. Either you’re flustering, stunning or stealing, this little Namnam is right there.

Signature Moves

  • Bitsy Boo (1 Beat) – Add 1 fluster to opponent team
  • Roar Routine (1 Beat) – Stun a random ooblet from either team
  • Bike Shed Cred (1 Beat) – Steals up to 3 points


Location: Badgetown
Dance Requirements: 1 Mimpins Metal Mallow

You can get Sidekey for free at the very beginning if you join the Mimpins club. Or you’ll be able to unlock him later once you add more wishies to the well. Sidekey’s ‘Finite Loop’ skill is hella useful especially when paired with the right move. Clomper is stunning a whole team for a round? Sidekey is going to double that. His other move ‘Machine Spurning’ is expensive but is a good investment further down the line. Especially if you know you’re battling Ooblets with more expensive moves like Lumpstump.

Signature Moves

  • Finite Loop (1 Beat) – Play next move twice
  • System Pause (2 Beats) – Stun target for 2 turns
  • Machine Spurning (4 Beats) – Increase opponents’ beat cost by 1 per move for the rest of the battle


Location: Badgetown
Dance Requirements: 1 Mossprouts Malt

Shrumbo is my main man and my first Ooblet baby, so maybe I’m biased. But if you want a power house of points then Shrumbo is your boy. Pair him up with anybody that can give him hype and watch him work his magic. He’s even solid on his own at the Dance Barn (minus stun-lock Oobs) and once you get that all signature one then it’s over for the other team. 100/10 would recommend.

Signature Moves

  • Shake It (2 Beats) – Earn 6 points
  • Sashay (1 Beat) – Earn 4 points
  • Showcase (3 Beats) – Earn 8 points

Ooblets is still in Early Access so this list is bound to change with the introduction of more Ooblets. Or if any cirsumstances change. If you’re looking for a cozy little game then I’d highly recommend Oooblets. And for more wholesome titles like this be sure to check out our lists here.

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