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Genshin Impact – Best Weapons List (Updated)


Wielders: Amber, Fischl, Venti, Tartaglia (Childe), Diona, Ganyu

Bows boast long-ranged attacks in the game, with charged attacks that are capable of hitting monsters as far as the eye can see with the proper aim.


Skyward Harp ★★★★★

Base ATK 48
Bonus EffectCrit Rate + 4.8%
SkillCrit DMG + 20%

Echoing Ballad:
• Hits have a 60% chance to inflict a small AoE attack, dealing 125% Physical ATK DMG.
• Can only occur once every 4s.

Character Recommendations: Amber, Venti, Fischl, Tartaglia (Childe), Ganyu


Elegy For The End ★★★★★

Base ATK 46
Bonus EffectEnergy Recharge + 12%
SkillElemental Mastery + 60

The Parting Refrain:
• When the Elemental Skills or Elemental Bursts of the character wielding this weapon hit opponents, that character gains a Sigil of Remembrance.
• This effect can be triggered once every 0.2s and can be triggered even if the character is not on the field.
• When you possess 4 Sigils of Remembrance, all of them will be consumed and all nearby party members will obtain the ”Millennial Movement: Farewell Song” effect for 12s.
• ”Millennial Movement: Farewell Song” increases Elemental Mastery by 100 and increases ATK by 20%.
• Once this effect is triggered, you will not gain Sigils of Remembrance for 20s.
• Buffs of the same type will not stack.

Character Recommendations: Venti, Fischl, Ganyu


Amos’ Bow ★★★★★

Base ATK 46
Bonus EffectATK + 10.8%

• Increases Normal Attack and Aimed Shot DMG by 18%.
• Increases DMG by 12% for every 0.1s that an arrow is in flight. Stacks up to 5 times on each arrow.

Character Recommendations: Amber, Ganyu


The Stringless ★★★★

Base ATK 42
Bonus EffectElemental Mastery + 36

Arrowless Song:
• Increases Elemental Skill by 24%
• Increases Elemental Burst DMG by 24%

Character Recommendations: Amber, Venti, Fischl, Tartaglia (Childe), Ganyu


Rust ★★★★

Base ATK 42
Bonus EffectATK + 9.0%

Rapid Firing:
• Increases Normal Attack DMG by 40% but decreases Aimed Shot DMG by 10%.

Character Recommendations: Fischl, Tartaglia (Childe)


Favonius Warbow ★★★★

Base ATK 41
Bonus EffectEnergy Recharge + 13.3%

• CRIT Hits have a 60% chance to generate a small number of Elemental Particles, which will regenerate 6 Energy for the character.
• Can only occur once every 12s.

Character Recommendations: Amber, Venti, Fischl, Tartaglia (Childe), Diona, Ganyu