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Chivalry 2 – Class And Weapons Guide

Chivalry 2 just launched a few weeks ago as a multiplayer hack and slash action. The game is an intense brutal melee combat game. In each match, you fight face-to-face against dozens of players, swinging swords and dodging arrow fire. Your life can end in an instant, so learning how to stay alive in this chaotic game is essential.

There are four different classes for you to play with depending on your play style. Each of them has unique advantages that can help swing the tide of battle. The class you select determines the weapons you have and how you should engage the enemy. Each of the classes also has three sub-classes that alter their combat style. These additional combat types come with new weapons and abilities that maintain their fighting purpose but involve different tactics. You can gain sub-classes by playing as the main class and levelling them up. These additional roles open up at Lv. 4 and Lv. 7.

So if you’re new to Chivalry 2 and want to learn more about picking the best character class and weapon for you then read on!


The Archer 

| Max Health 90 | Move Speed 100 | Stamina 50 |

The Archer is a long-range specialist with the lowest amount of health in the game. What they lack in defence, they make up for with the ability to shoot arrows at enemies from a distance. Archers have the lowest Health and Stamina of all classes and movement speed on par with a Footman. Their special ability lets them place a flaming brazier down on the battlefield. When arrows are drawn among the flames, their tips catch fire — flaming arrows deal damage over time as well as obscure vision.

As an Archer, you’ll need to be both swift and accurate to stay alive and effective, and they also need to learn how to fight better-armed players with their secondary melee weapons if an enemy gets too close, or you’ll simply end up feeding the other team. Archers are absolutely necessary on a team because they can easily swing the tide of battle by safely interrupting individual 1v1 fights and helping your team gain momentum. But they do recommend a high level of skill to play.


Archer Subclasses


An archer who uses a Longbow and can place down spike traps and braziers for igniting arrows. The Longbow is a relatively fast-firing archery weapon, but it drains stamina and loses accuracy the longer you aim with it.


An archer who uses a Crossbow and can place down immobile Pavise shields for cover, and Banners that heal nearby allies over time. The Crossbow deals strong blunt damage (great against Knights and Footmen) but is slow to reload, and you must stand still while reloading, leaving you vulnerable.


A hybrid archery/melee subclasses which makes uses of javelins or throwing axes, either of which can be used both at range and in melee alongside a light shield. Their quiver ability allows them to restock all javelins/axes. Not as strong at range as the other subclasses, but makes up for it with greater versatility and defence.


Archer Weapons

Longbow – Longbowman

  • Faster windup, release, and recovery
  • Strong against distant targets
  • Weak against all melee classes

The Longbow is usable only by the Longbowman subclass. It will give you moderate damage, assuming you take the time to draw it all the way. Arrows can be nocked while moving, a significant advantage over the crossbow, which requires you to be stationary while reloading.

The rate of fire and mobility allow you to chip away rapidly at enemies, turning the tide for your allies in many skirmishes.  

Javelin – Skirmisher

  • Fast windup, boosted stab damage, and bonus shield damage
  • Strong against shielded enemies
  • Weak against Knights

Javelins are the perfect mix of melee and ranged weapons. They are effective in direct combat, but can also be thrown for excellent damage. You’re able to throw five Javelins before needing to resupply. A shield in your off-hand lends an added layer of protection, resulting in the one true hybrid class of Chivalry 2.  


The Vanguard 

| Max Health 130 | Move Speed 120 | Stamina 100 |

This is a heavy-hitting brute class, they have great speed but less health than the other melee classes. They can equip the largest weapons in the game, like giant swords and maces, without losing their movement speed. Their special weapon is a throwable oil pot that can set an area ablaze. This weapon is great for damaging groups of enemies and denying access to key areas like stairs and hallways.

As a result, Vanguards have the ability to dictate the range of battles, darting in and out of reach to land attacks and escape reprisal, with the best Vanguard weapons taking advantage of this. The Vanguard’s signature move is the Leaping Strike, which is a charge attack that deals massive damage to whoever it hits; but it’s a tricky move to land correctly, and it often leaves you rather vulnerable, so it’s most useful in 1v1 situations where you’re unlikely to be overwhelmed too quickly.


Vanguard Subclasses


The drawback of a sub-par secondary weapon allows for the advantage of wielding the very strongest two-handed weapons in the game as the Devastator. This subclass also comes equipped with throwable Mallets and an Oil Pot that covers a patch of ground in flames.


The only subclass in the game that can equip a primary weapon in both primary and secondary slots. Make the most of this advantage by equipping weapons with different damage types so you can deal with different classes easily. The Raider’s War Horn boosts nearby allies’ health regen for a short time.


The Ambusher enjoys a +35% damage bonus when attacking from behind. They use low-damage but fast-acting melee weapons, alongside throwing knives which can be replenished using the Quiver ability. Great for players who can use the Vanguard’s mobility for hit-and-run attacks.


Vanguard Weapons

Maul – Devastator

  • High damage with slow animation
  • Strong against Knights, Footmen
  • Weak against Archers

The Maul is the slowest, highest-damage weapon in Chivalry 2. It’s an extreme damage weapon, and can often crush enemies in a single blow. This weapon is unique to the Devastator subclass and doesn’t unlock until your vanguard reaches Level 15. The speed is slow, and the range is good, but not great. This is a weapon all about power.

It’s a tough weapon to master, and you’ll be punished hard for missing your hit; but what saves the Maul from mediocrity is that if you land a hit then you can immediately start your next hit, which means as long as you connect, the Maul doesn’t actually feel that slow. Add to this the fact that it can two-shot any enemy (unless you stab, which deals lower damage), and you’ve got a truly terrifying weapon, particularly in the hands of a skilled fighter.

Messer – Raider & Crusader

  • Increased speed and damage for slash attacks
  • Strong against groups of enemies
  • Weak against shielded enemies

If there is a “meta” weapon in Chivalry 2, it is the Messer. This two-handed sword has one of the better ranges in the game, surprising speed, and damage buff for horizontal slice attacks. This beastly two-handed sword deals tremendous damage with all of its attack types, and it’s surprisingly fast for its size. 

The result is one of the few weapons in the game that can effectively keep entire groups of enemies at bay, and skilled users can rack up impressive kill counts. It also has a leaping strike that covers a significant distance, and it hits with devastating power. The Messer’s reach means you’ll only really be noticeably out-ranged by phenomenally long weapons like the Halberd and Two-Handed Spear; otherwise, you’re likely to be the one out-ranging the enemy. A phenomenal weapon both in 1v1s and when outnumbered.

It is, without a doubt, one of the best weapons in the game.