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Biomutant – Best Weapons List

Melee Weapons

Under the melee weapons branch, you have three options for combat. You can either decide to use a 1-Handed Slash2-Handed Slash, or 2-Handed Crush weapon. Of course, there are tons of variations on each type of weapon, but weapons that fall under the same type will have the same abilities. Alongside the three types, each weapon also needs a Handle and an Add-on (if they have open slots).


Pri Murgel Sword (7-Star)

The Pri Murgel Sword is “Ultimate” rarity, and is the only 7-star weapon in the game. It’s a Two-Handed Slash Weapon with high armour-piercing, bonus heat damage, and a huge 225-450 base damage stat. This is the deadliest weapon in the game, and if you’ve been buffing your strength stat, you’ll absolutely annihilate any enemies. For finding this weapon, you’ll get the ‘Starstruck’ achievement / trophy.

The Pri Murgel Sword is a weapon that deals heat damage, with 2 add-ons slots so that players can constantly upgrade it. The sword has a decent attack speed and armor-piercing, and a 6% chance to have a critical hit. Players will also enjoy the high damage output of 287-354, which is sure to make their critter a force to be reckoned with.

Location: Next to Anywhere at Sector 5D of the Whereabouts biome

How: The most powerful melee weapon in Biomutant doesn’t even require endgame skills or lots of farming — you just need to go to the right location.

Before you can begin, you’ll need to acquire the Googlide — it is required to reach Lumen Tower in Sector 2G, found to the east of Surfipelago and southeast of the Manufactorium. Go to the tower, and reach the top — to reveal the secret location. This begins the ‘Beacon’ side-quest.

Follow the quest marker and defeat the Surf Huggel mini-boss inside the cave, then activate the three glowing rune walls to make the super-weapon appear.


Srik Gongmace

The Srik Gongmace is labelled as a unique weapon, and it certainly lives up to that title. The main appeals of this weapon are its ability and damage. Its glacial abilities can freeze enemies in place, while its whopping damage of 1013-1191 is sure to crush any enemy in the player’s way. While it may not feature as many add-ons as other weapons, it still has a slot for players who wish to upgrade the weapon.

Location Chudgepot

How: Defeat the Chug Swollaft that is guarding one of the Old-World vaults in order to get this weapon.


Knok Umph

Players will surely get a kick out of the Knok Umph, a deadly and powerful melee weapon. Dealing heat damage, it packs the high damage output of 871-1309. It also has a medium attack speed and armor-piercing.

What really makes this weapon stand out however is the Remedy ability, in which kills with the weapon will heal double for the damage inflicted. Players may also appreciate the weapon sporting 2 add-ons and a 12% chance for a critical hit.

Location: Sparkplant

How: Defeat the Sparky Twigsnout who will drop a Vault Key. Use the key to open the Sparkplant Vault and grab the weapon.


This is an ongoing list that is sure to change as Biomutant releases more content. Be sure to stay tuned for more guides and games here on Unpause! If you’ve just started playing Biomutant be sure to check out our class, breeds and mutations guide here.

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