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Resident Evil Village – Everything We Know

The Enemies

Ferocious creatures which have made the village their nest. They nimbly stalk the villagers with sharp tooth and claw.

Where there’s a creepy village of vampires there’s bound to be werewolves. Or lycans in this case. It looks like the village has a large population of half-wolf people that do not come to play. These creatures look quick and strong with the trailer showing them busting through a ceiling with one arm. Safe to say that these guys may not be hiding in the dark but come at you full swinging.

The vampire ladies can turn into a swarm of flies and drink blood? Also one of them has shown some significant wolverine tendencies. There are a lot of peculiar and new enemies in this game, but what’s the lore behind them? Resident Evil has always been more about mutant experiments gone wrong but these seem to lean more into the realm of lore and magic.

It’s ambiguous as to whether or not a couple more notable characters that we’ve seen are friends or foes. One is an elderly woman adorned with beads, a staff, and an unnerving smile. The other one is a gruff man with a cowboy hat and some cool circular sunglasses. And of course, there’s chonky Christ Redfield. But I don’t think he’s trying to be friends in this game.

Update May 2021: There are four big bands in the game called the four lords. Lady Dimitrescu, Moreau, Beneviento and Heisenberg. They all seem to lead up to mysterious antagonist Mother Miranda who runs the show. We don’t know much about her, but she seems like she’s likely the big bad of this adventure.


Keep An Eye Out For The Mummified Baby

According to Capcom, this symbolic effigy shows so much that the developer “debated whether or not to actually put it in the trailer”. However, they needn’t have worried because I have zero clues as to what this thing is supposed to be. Sticks, bird wings, and some sort of baby? The creature in the middle isn’t a clear match for anything in the Resident Evil universe. But it does kinda resemble a G-Embryo. However, that would link things to the G-Virus that made William Birkin in Resident Evil 2 (big eye in the shoulder, one massive smashy arm) and nothing like that appears in the trailer. Yet.  


The Game Still Uses The RE Engine

Resident Evil Village will still be running on the very impressive RE Engine. Which has been used for Resident Evil 7, Resident Evil 2 and 3‘s remakes, as well as Devil May Cry 5. Keeping the RE engine for the next generation of consoles means that the game will still be as gory as ever if not more so. The RE engine can be used to its fullest potential now with the next-gen PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles coming out. I can’t wait to see the enemies up close as well as get a gander at the much larger environment we’re put in. A far larger space than Resident Evil 7‘s claustrophobic Lousiana house.

The RE engine hasn’t received as much praise as it honestly should. So I’m excited to see how well it’s going to perform with Resident Evil Village.


Resident Evil Village ‘Dominion’

According to the Capcom leak from November, Village will have an online mode that’s codenamed “Dominion”. We don’t know anything else about it yet, including its actual name or what kind of multiplayer mode it will be. Here’s hoping it does better than Resident Evil 3 Resistance


Resident Evil Village ‘Mercenaries’

Resident Evil’s arcade action mode is making a comeback in Village. “It’s back, with a few Resident Evil Village twists,” said director Morimasa Sato. 

Mercenaries is a popular time attack mode that sees you battling hordes of enemies in arcade-style trials. There are new abilities to find and use this time, like increased movement speed, but the overall idea is the same – fight to complete levels against the clock against escalating levels of difficulty. The big difference this time is that, like the rest of Village, you’ll be playing in first-person. Another new feature is Duke’s Emporium which you can access between zones to buy supplies and upgrade weapons.

Part of what made Mercenaries so popular in past RE games was its co-op multiplayer. We don’t know yet if that will be returning in Village too.


Resident Evil Village Release Date

Resident Evil Village will launch on the PlayStation 4 /5, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One and PC on May 7th 2021.

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