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Biomutant – Choose The Best Breed, Class And Mutations

Biomutant is out today as an open-world RPG Kung-Fu fable with bio-engineered cat creatures. You’ll be playing as one of these mutant animals and your strength in battle will be determined by your mutations. This is broken down by the type of breed, class, mutations and overall stats you give your character. It can be alot of pressure to start off with so make sure to read this guide before you play.

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Biomutant Classes

Unsurprisingly the first thing you need to do in Biomutant is to pick a class for your character. Each class comes with a distinct set of perks that focus on either melee, range or Psi abilities. Make your choice based on your play style or choose a Sentinel if you can’t make up your mind. You’ll be able to improve each aspect of your character as you continue later on in the game. Weapons and abilities as well are not class locked so this choice isn’t the be all end of all of the game.

Below is a list of all the classes available.

Dead-Eye: Specializes in Ranged Weapons combat, with the ability to instantly reload magazines. Guns are reloaded instantly with a 20% damage boost in the next magazine.

Commando: Ranged Weapons class that takes advantage of the “Fury” skill to increase damage. Ranged weapon attacks deal 10% more damage. 

Psi-Freak: This class is unique in that it gets both an active and passive skill. Its active skill is “Spark Ball”. After being mapped to an input, you can shoot electric-infused balls of energy. It’s passive is “Megamind”. This increases ki energy regeneration by 20%.

Saboteur: Melee Weapons class with high agility. Has two passives. Ability to dual-wield different one-handed melee weapons. And a reduction in the energy cost of dodging by 20%.

Sentinel: Balanced class that works well with any weapon. Increased armour by 10.

Mercenary: This class is only available if you preorder the game or by buy the DLC. This class is a combination of the Saboteur and Commando. A kind of glass cannon class. It offers an insane amount of damage and quickness, but it is very vulnerable. You will need to be quite quick and focused in order to play this class.


Biomutant Breeds

Starting off the type of breed that you choose will affect your stat ratings. Each breed is more predisposed to a certain stat such as vitality, strength, intellect etc. If you’re a more tanky character or want to go in for melee only then you might want to focus more on vitaliy and agility. However if you’re more interested in Psi then intellect and maybe luck would be more your calling.

Below is a list of all the breeds available:


This breed starts with a 4% critical chance with its stats mostly centered around health, armor, and ki energy regeneration. Do not pick this class hoping for high starting melee damage. You will want to choose this breed if you are going for a quick and agile build that uses ranged weapons primarily. Works well with the Dead-Eye, Commando or Saboteur class.


Dumdons begin with a 3% critical chance and high melee damage, armor, and health. This is the ideal damage dealer. Their agility and movement speed make them perfect for a rogue-like melee build. Works well with the Saboteur class.


The Rex also begins with a 3% critical hit chance. Its starting melee damage is much lower than the dumdon, though with noticeable boosts to health and intellect, which governs power , ki energy, and energy regeneration. Works well with the Dead-Eye class.


Hyla’s are ideal tanks as they have the highest starting health and armor pool of all breeds. Beyond this, they aren’t very special. It’s worth noting the Hyla’s critical chance is reduced to 2%. Works well with the Dead-Eye class.


The perfect breed for players looking to make powers and mutations a larger part of their repertoire than basic melee and ranged attacks. Fips have the highest base power, ki energy, and energy regeneration. They also start with the standard 3% critical chance. Works well with the Psi-Freak class.


Murgels begin with 4% critical chance and 5% loot chance, up from every other class’ 3%. Their barter skill is also boosted from other class’ 7% up to 10%. The game describes him as “appearance over function”, so his charisma might even open some new dialogues or maybe NPCs will be more friendly towards you. This is the best class if you want to collect as much gear as possible and trade for a lower price.


What Do The Stats Affect?

After deciding on a breed, you’ll be given the opportunity to define your genetic structure. This comes in the form of a circular slider. Moving the cursor along the slider redistributes the available stat points. Make adjustments as you see fit for your desired build.


Vitality determines your health as well as the energy used up when dodging.
Health – Self explanatory. It’s just your health.
Armor – Determines how much damage you can take. Gear plays a huge role in your overall armor.


Every character has three offensive options: Melee, Ranged, and magic.
Melee Damage – Melee damage is tied to your Strength attribute and its Melee Damage stat that gets added to your weapon’s base damage. Ranged Damage, on the other hand, is determined only by the weapon you have — there are no attribute modifiers.


Psi-Powers and Mutation (magic or casting) damage is determined by your Intellect attribute and the Power stat. A higher intellect stat also provides more moves during puzzle solving.
Power – Influences the damage dealt by psi-powers and mutations.
Ki Energy – Unlike other action RPGs, you don’t have a traditional stamina bar in Biomutant. Instead, you have a Ki Energy. This increases the amount of Ki energy available, the meter used by special attacks, mutations, dodges, and Psi-powers.
Energy Regeneration – Determines how quickly ki energy regenerates.


Agility defines your overall speed.
Move Speed – Only refers to movement speed, both in and out of battle.


A high charisma stat lets you persuade characters, which can be used to avoid entire battles and sieges. It changes your dialogue options when speaking with NPCs.
Barter – Determines how much currency you get from selling items in addition to a discount on purchasable items.


Critical Chance – The genre staple critical hit chance. Influences how often attacks deal extra damage.
Loot Chance – Influences the chances of finding rare loot comprised of higher quality materials.

For the most optimal character, consider your needs throughout the entire character creation process. If you want a beefy tank, pair the Dumdon or Hyla with the Sentinel class. Murgels should also be paired with Saboteurs for example.



There are four types of elemental damage in Biomutant — Heat, Biohazard, Cold, and Radioactivity. hey are changed in the same way that mutations are changed, which means that improving the stats in one means the others will negatively impacted. 

You’ll assign your resistance in a similar way as you did your attributes. All resistances start out at 6%. As you move the cursor around inside the circle, you’ll rearrange those 24 points.

Like everything else in Biomutant’s character creation, these are just your starting resistances. As you collect Bio Points, you’ll be able to increase any resistance, regardless of what you started with.


Upgrading Your Biomutant

Upgrade your Biomutnat across three categories – upgrade points, bio points, and psi-points. 

Upgrade Points – Are used to unlock moves and bonuses from the wung-fu menu. You’ll get upgrade points everytime you level-up.

Bio Points – Are used for mutations and upgrading the various elemental resistances. Mutations include abilities such as vile bile, which spews toxic slush from your mouth. Bio points are found in bioblob containers, obtained from defeating biocreeps, and are also found at nucleus tower sites.

Psi-Points – Unlock psi-powers. These include abilities such blink, a dash that creates a shockwave. Psi-points are acquired by interacting with shrines and making certain dialogue choices. Psi-powers also distinguish themselves from mutations in that certain powers are locked off based on your moral alignment.



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There are three types of mutations in the game so far:

PSI-Mutations – provide abilities such as telekinesis or levitation

Biomutations – With biotic mutations, you can create new body parts. For example Crab Pincers that will give a little more pinch to your fighting style. These mutations will allow you to deal special damage or even access previously unavailable areas.

Bionic Enhancements – add mechanical parts to the character



Biomutant by Experiment 101 is on our list of top games coming out this May. It’s available to play on the PlayStation 4, Xbox and PC – Steam when it comes out on the 26th of May tomorrow. For more games out this month check out our list here. Or for a full list of all our game guides click here.