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The Dying Light And Rust Crossover Event – What To Know

Everyone loves a crossover! Some of the best games come with the injection of other franchises. Let’s take Super Smash Bros. and the Kingdom Hearts series. Who knew Mickey and Tifa would be great at kicking butt together? That’s not to say that everything should be a crossover, there are some weird combinations out there. Just look at the Rick and Morty crossover in Rainbow Six Siege. Or pretty much everything in Fortnite. This new one from Techland and Facepunk Studios however does make a lot of sense. For a limited-time event, Dying Light will be getting some Rust-themed weapons, enemies, and challenges.

The crossover event is live now on PC and runs until Monday, April 26th. Just by logging into Dying Light right now, you’ll get the free Rust bundle, which comes with a new themed player character, buggy skins, the Rust Assault Rifle, custom SMG, and the Salvaged Cleaver. These new toys should come in handy against the undead hordes,

This crossover seems as though it’s as good of a match as any other Techland has released for Dying Light. The timing seems just right, too, given the recent news that Rust will finally hit PS4 and Xbox One next month on May 21.


New Objectives, Enemies & Gold Blueprints

Though the Rust bundle will ensure you’re equipped for the task, you can expect to see an increase in bandits and zombies in slums and Old Town. You’ll also want to watch out for two new enemy types: The Rust Outpost Scientists – packing assault rifles and SMGs, and a new bucket helmet zombie.

Earn yourself gold blueprint upgrades for the new themed weapon set by collecting resources and completing research bounties during the event period. You can also team up with friends and hunt down airdrops, raid two new Rais’ outposts.

Available in both local and global variants, Research Bounties will earn you Gold Blueprint upgrades for the Rust weapon set. As for the global objectives, hunting down Air Drops, raiding Outposts, and eliminating bandits will go towards a community effort to unlock the Gold Fire, Gold Freezing, and Gold Poison C4 Dockets.

As a sweetener, players can also access the free Rust bundle to get some new skins that are inspired by the survival game. Nobody says you can’t look good while trying to survive the undead hordes. Hopefully, it will be enough to satiate fan bloodlust for Dying Light 2. At least temporarily.

It’s worth noting that Techland has only revealed the launch time for PC, so it’s unclear if the event is coming to the PS4/Xbox One versions of Dying Light as well.