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SOS: Pioneers of Olive Town – How To Increase Stamina

Stamina is one of the most important mechanics in Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town. That and time limit how many things you can do in a day. When you begin in Pioneers of Olive Town you’ll start with 10 Hearts. Every task you do here with your basic level tools will eat up your stamina. If you don’t have the funds to recover it with food means that your days will go by pretty quickly early on.

Besides recovering your stamina with baths and food etc. the way to get to improve your stamina is to obtain additional Stamina Hearts. Previously in Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town you could do this by finding and consuming Power Berries, but that could sometimes take several in-game years. In Pioneers of Olive Town, this process is a little bit easier.

Gaining access to additional Stamina Hearts in Pioneers of Olive Town is something you’re going to want to prioritise early on.


Buy It At The Shrine

The first thing you can do is unlock the Shrine located in the forest above Olive Town.

You can find the Shrine immediately after starting the game by climbing the stairs north of town and following the path through the trees to a small pond. However, you will not be able to interact with it until you’ve collected enough Harvest Sprites. Harvest Sprites are gained by doing chores around the farm like breaking open rocks, cutting down trees, or farming.

After collecting 100 Harvest Sprites, a strange girl will appear at the Shrine and transform into the Harvest Spirit. She will unlock the Shrine and the Shrine Store that sells three different Max Stamina upgrades.

1. Boost Max Stamina – 10 Sprite Coins for 2 Stamina Hearts
2. Boost Max Stamina Some More – 20 Sprite Coins for 2 Stamina Hearts
3. Boost Max Stamina Even More – 40 Sprite Coins for 2 Stamina Hearts

In order to purchase anything at the Shrine store, you’ll need to save up some Sprite Coins. A single Sprite Coin is earned every time a Harvest Sprite is found. While there are many exciting things to purchase, like upgrades to farming fields and a giant Wolf mount, it’s a good idea to purchase all the Stamina Heart upgrades first.


Dig For Sprites On Beanstalk Island

After finding 60 Earth Sprites you’ll unlock access to a special island called Beanstalk. Here you’ll be able to play a mini-game called Digging Sprites. If you score more than 55 points you’ll be rewarded with an additional two hearts added to your stamina gauge.


Play Mining Frenzy

The Mining Frenzy mini-game is unlocked when you reach level 30 in the second mine. After unlocking it you can travel to the mini-game at any time by speaking with the Earth Sprite beside your home. Earning 4,000 or more points in one play will award you 2 additional Max Stamina Hearts.

To earn the most points in Mining Frenzy, you’ll want to focus on hitting Ore Viens in the walls, as well as gemstone nodes. These nodes will give you the most points per hit and it has the chance of dropping diamonds, giving you a huge score boost. Ignore the smaller rocks unless they’re clearing a pathway to walk through.

This mini-game is also easier when the hammer has been upgraded to Orachalcum level.


Temporary Stamina Boosts

After completing these two activities you should have a total of 20 Stamina Hearts. Your stamina can also be temporarily increased by eating Salads. Or you could lower your stamina costs by eating soups.

However, this does not stack, and soups and salads do not fill up the hunger bar. Eating Salad when the Stamina Bar is full is the best way to get the most out of your stamina. While eating soup when running low on stamina will help prolong the energy you have left while trying to finish up chores or mining.


Currently, it is not known if the DLC for Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town will include more Max Stamina upgrades. While the 20 Stamina Hearts currently available, mixed with tool upgrades and food boons, seem to get the job done, it may be necessary to increase Max Stamina as new areas become available.

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