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SOS: Pioneers Of Olive Town – Dating, Marriage & Divorce

One of the main aspects of Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town is your relationships with everyone in town. Make friends with everyone, give them gifts every day! But for a special few, that friendship may even turn to love and marriage. There are 10 eligible bachelors and bachelorettes in Pioneers of Olive Town, and like in Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town everyone is gender fluid. So get started romancing one or all of them!

In this guide, we’ll show you the best way to pursue your character and go on dates. Maybe even get married and start a family. And if all that doesn’t work out you can even get a divorce. Aren’t life sim games great? In this guide, we’ll go through how dating, marriage and divorce work in Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town.


First Start Off As Friends

Before you can get any heart levels you have to increase your friendship levels with your chosen love. The first step is to just talk to them. You can do this once a day to score some easy friendship points.

The second thing you can do is to give them presents! Everyone loves a good present. The presents can be anything but the best thing would be to give them things that they enjoy. To give them a present simply place the item in your inventory slot and press “Y” to hand over the present.

Remember as well to always give a present to the person on their birthday as this will double your friendship points with them. You can save your best presents for their birthday!

To check on your friendship levels with everyone, in Pioneers of Olive Town press “X” to check the friendship status of any villager. 10 is the max heart count for any villager.


Heart Events

Image Credit: Swrinny

Once you get your marriage candidate to a certain heart level, you can trigger cutscene events. To trigger the heart event, simply reach the needed level and go to the spot where the event takes place. Once the clock strikes the event time, the game will automatically go into a cutscene. We’ll add a heart and gift guide for all the bachelors and bachelorettes in the future.



Image Credit: Swrinny

To begin dating someone, you must purchase a Confession Pendant at the general store for 8,000G. You can date as many of the candidates as you want as long as they have reached the six heart threshold and have seen five of their heart events. This will allow you to see the rest of the character’s heart events up to heart level nine.



Once you’ve successfully dated one of the marriage candidates enough to reach a Friendship Level of ten hearts and viewed all nine of their Heart Scenes, you can propose to that character as long as your house is a Log Cabin or better. 

To propose, purchase the Blue Feather from the general store for 16,000G to present to them. This will prompt a cutscene with that character where they will accept your proposal and discuss the big day. The next morning, the mayor will visit you to ask you to pick a date for your wedding ceremony. He will give you three choices, with the first option being roughly a week from the day that you proposed.

Once you have set the date, you next have to pick out your wedding outfit. The mayor will whisk you away to see Karina who has prepared four different clothing options for you. This clothing choice is only for your character only and you cannot choose the outfit for your soon-to-be spouse, as all marriage candidates have unique wedding outfits.

When your wedding day arrives, you will get to view a sweet little cutscene where the town gathers to see you both get married. This event lasts the entire day, so bear in mind that you won’t be able to tend to your farm on that specific date, or gift to anyone whose birthday happens to fall on that day.


Getting Divorced

You can only marry one character at a time, but divorce can be done whenever you want. And literally without any consequence because that person will marry you again if you want after you divorce them.

Should you decide to change your mind about married life, you can visit the Shrine in the northern area of Olive Town. Select the “Reset Family Status” option to return your relationship to how it was before you confessed during the sixth Heart Scene. You will then be free to pursue a romantic relationship and marry any of the marriage candidates, including the one you recently divorced.

Warning: If you had a child with your spouse, resetting your family status will delete them.


Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town came out last week on the Nintendo Switch. For more of our Pioneers of Olive Town guides check out our beginner’s guide and Best Crops To Plant here.