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SoS: Pioneers Of Olive Town – Bachelorette Guide

For anyone that’s played a Story of Seasons game, they’ll know that life isn’t all about farming and making a profit. Well, a lot of it is, but the rest of it is about making friends and getting married. What’s life without a little romance hey? In Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town, there are 10 potential candidates for you to fall in love with. They’re divided into the 5 bachelorettes and 5 bachelors of Olive Town. Choose to romance anyone regardless of their gender. Give them gifts, become friends, date and eventually get married. Whoever you decide to choose we’re here to help!

We’ve already covered all the basics of dating, getting married and getting divorced in our guide here. But for those of you that haven’t read that here’s a quick summary. In order to date and get married to anyone, you have to increase your friendship points with them. You can do this by simply talking to them once a day and giving them gifts. Eventually, you’ll be eligible to give them a Confession Pendant and then a Blue Feather of marriage. Easy right?

Now the hardest part is to just pick who you’d like to be with. To make that easier for you we’ve rounded up all the bachelorettes on this list. And the bachelors on this one. Here you’ll find out everything about them. Good luck you heartbreaker, you!


Linh – The Budding Florist

Linh is a sweet younger woman who works at the local flower shop with her grandfather, she’s just as poised and graceful as a flower herself. While she may seem bashful at first glance, she’s a steadfast friend who cherishes those she cares about. When she’s not standing behind the counter selling flowers, she can often be found in the back of the store (which is technically their house), or out in front watering the flowers. Her day off is Monday, so you’ll need to check the streets of Olive Town to find her then.

Those of you looking to foster a relationship with Linh had better start growing tropical fruit because this bachelorette absolutely loves mangos. Additionally, being a florist, bringing her farm-grown flowers will put a smile on her face (don’t get them mixed up with wildflowers, though).

Birthday: Spring 12

Loves: Mango, Mango Juice, Mango Jam, Winter Bloom Rondo, Jewelry Locket, Khaoniao Mamuang

Likes: Hellebore, Botamochi, Tea, Mirage Cloth, Yum Woon Sen

Location: Flower Shop, General Store


Laura – The Ocean-Loving Tour Guide

This sassy bachelorette is the town tour guide. Cheerful, outgoing, and eager to do what she can to help put Olive Town on the map, Laura acts as the local tour guide. Because Olive Town gets tourists every day of the week, Laura seemingly never gets a break, meaning that tracking her down is never hard (although I’m not sure how she has so much energy) because she’s always either by the docks or at home with her family.

You can find her at the Tourist Information Centre during the day, and Norman’s Groceries in the evening. Lighthearted and easygoing, this tour guide’s knowledge of Olive Town has earned her the respect of residents and tourists alike. For Laura, family comes first—when she’s not working, she can often be found at the grocery store, helping out her frail father.

Laura’s entire family is peculiar in that they all favor tree-borne crops that can only be harvested in the Fall, and Laura’s food of choice is none other than the olive. Perhaps due to the amount of time she spends near the water, she also likes big fish, but keep in mind that netting her these catches will require you to level up both your fishing rod and your Fishing Skill!

Birthday: Summer 9

Loves: Olive, Tuna, Bouquet Perfume, Blazing Waltz, Fashionable Bracelet

Likes: Marigold, Sunflower, Ruby, Vegetable Juice, Jewellery Ring

Location: Tourist Info Center, Grocery Store


Reina – The Party-Loving Anthropologist

Half history nerd and half party girl, Reina’s ability to perfectly mesh together her highly contradictory interests certainly makes her a fun person to be around. Reina is incredibly smart and works at the local museum as a relic appraiser. Seeing as she both lives and works at Olive Museum, that’s the best place to find her. However, she does take Thursdays off, so you’ll occasionally see her wandering the streets in her leisure time. Her knowledge of the exhibits is second to none, much to museum curator Gloria’s delight.

While she’s working, she’s able to identify Heavy Objects, Timeworn Objects, and Shining Objects that you find while draining water from your farm. If you’re interested in cosying up to her, however, you might want to hold off on that. Loving history as much as she does, it shouldn’t be surprising that she loves receiving the treasures (such as Ambergris) that can occasionally come from Heavy and Timeworn Objects. However, she also appears to love unidentified Heavy Objects and Timeworn Objects, and Shining Objects nearly as much as the treasures themselves! Don’t have any of those lying around? No need to worry—she also likes lemons for some reason.

Birthday: Summer 28

Loves: Lemon, Jewelry Locket, Bouquet Perfume, Fulgurite, Arthurite, Amerbris

Likes: Orange, Glass, Orange Jam, Jewellery Ring

Location: Museum, Playground, Town Square


Bridget – Friend To All Animals

A soft-spoken and down-to-earth chick, Bridget loves animals more than anything else. Though she worries for her brother Damon’s future, Bridget always keeps a smile on her face and an animal friend close by. She spends most of her time helping her mom out by working at the Hoof House Animal Shop. While talking to Bridget in front of the counter will allow you to buy pets, stepping behind the counter (which no one in this town minds, I assure you) will allow you to chat with her and give her a present each day. If you can’t find her at her place of work, the best place to check is the forest on the outskirts of Olive Town.

Birthday: Fall 3

Loves: Milk+, Buffalo Milk+, Goat Milk+, Rainbow Bouquet, Jewelry Ring

Likes: Deluxe Fodder, Nemophila, Egg+, Shortcake, Woolen Cloth

Location: Animal Shop, West of the Shrine, Town Square


Blaire – A Waitress With Big Dreams

The Capeside Bistro’s cheerful waitress. A small-town girl with big-city dreams, Blaire can be found working at Misaki’s Diner. Though she’s since moved away from the city and back home to Olive Town, she still longs to return to the hustle and bustle to become the star she’s always wanted to be. Like Laura, Blaire also works seven days a week and heads straight home afterward, making her easy to find. In the evening you can spot her at the Gull’s Rest Hotel & Café. She doesn’t seem very happy with her current situation, but Misaki’s keeping an eye out for her, so that’s good.

It’s been said that diamonds are a girl’s best friend and, for Blaire, that actually holds true! No need to fret if you’re not interested in forking over something so expensive, though, less valuable gems like rubies and sapphires work as well. And, if that still doesn’t work then she’s fond of daisies as well.

Birthday: Fall 25

Loves: Springtime March, Fashionable Bracelet, Bouquet Perfume, Diamond, Daisy

Likes: Rose, Cherry, Vegetable Salad, Tea, Jewelry Ring

Location: Bistro, Hotel & Cafe


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