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SoS: Pioneers Of Olive Town – Bachelor Guide

Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town is more than just a farming simulator it’s also a life simulator. And what’s life without a little romance? In Olive Town, there are 10 potential candidates for you to fall in love with. They’re divided into the 5 bachelorettes and 5 bachelors of Olive Town. Choose to romance anyone regardless of their gender. Give them gifts, become friends, date and eventually get married. Whoever you decide to choose we’re here to be your wingwoman!

We’ve already covered all the basics of dating, getting married and getting divorced in our guide here. But for those of you that haven’t read that here’s a quick summary. In order to date and get married to anyone, you have to increase your friendship points with them. You can do this by simply talking to them once a day and giving them gifts. Eventually, you’ll be eligible to give them a Confession Pendant and then a Blue Feather of marriage. Easy right?

Now the hardest part is to just pick who you’d like to be with. To make that easier for you we’ve rounded up all the bachelors on this list. And the bachelorettes on this one. Here you’ll find out everything about them. Good luck Cassanova!


Jack – The Clever Big Brother

Story-of-Seasons-Pioneers-of-Olive-Town-Nintendo-Switch-Farming-Sim, Harvest Moon, Relationship, Jack

An easy-going, good-natured, big-brother type both literally and metaphorically. Jack helps his mother run the general store in a number of different ways, from running errands to stocking the shelves. His favorite way to help out, though, is to come up with curios to either sell or give away to customers. Sadly, none of his ideas ever seem to pan out very well, but that never stops him from trying! That kind of gumption might be a little annoying to his little sister, Cindy, but who’s to say that it wouldn’t be oh-so-charming to someone else?

While Jack may look all plain and simple his likes are somewhat a little more abstract. Good luck trying to win him over with semi-rare Antique Treasure! But it’s do-able it just takes a little work and we’re in no rush.

Birthday: Spring 23

Loves: Giant Bear Carving, Shiny Watch, Almond, Chuka Soba

Likes: Pumpkin, Pudding, Coffee, Jewelry Ring, Timeworn Coin

Location: At the General Store. Walking around town – Playground, Beach


Emilio – The Sociable Fisherman

Following in the footsteps of his papá, Louis, Emilio is a fisherman with a consistently cheerful demeanor and an approach to life that ensures that nothing ever keeps him down for long. Because of his job, Emilio is, unfortunately, not always available to talk to—although the game is nice enough to let you check whether he’s offshore or not via the map. So cozying up to him is best done during the early morning and late evening, where he’ll be spending quality time with his parents and good friend Raul at his beachside home.

Birthday: Summer 15

Loves: Watermelon, Jewelry Locket, Fashionable Bracelet, Pescatore

Likes: Sunflower, Small Fish Marinade, Acqua Pazza, Cheesecake, Jewelry Ring

Location: At the Docks. On the Fishing Boat. At Marco’s House


Ralph – The Dependable Ranger

A football-player-turned-forest-ranger, Ralph is an athletic young man whose calm demeanor allows him to approach dangerous situations with a rational mind. He’s the tall dark silent and mysterious type. Which is so me in high school. While he certainly isn’t the most talkative of Olive Town’s available bachelors, that doesn’t make him one bit less caring. Don’t take my word for it, though, you can get to know him yourself by making daily visits to the ranger station, or nightly visits to the carpentry shop run by his father, Nigel.

Birthday: Summer 21

Loves: Pot-Au-Feu, Fashionable Bracelet

Likes: Yellow Potage, Bread, Mixed Soup, Shellfish Soup, Shiny Watch

Locations: You can usually find him in the forests at the edge of Olive Town. Ranger Station. West and East of the Shrine. At night he’ll be at the Carpentry Shop


Damon – The Aloof Stargazer

A quiet young man who likes gazing at the stars, drinking strong coffee, and riding on his motorcycle—and who has a secret soft spot for farm animals—Damon might seem fairly hard to win over at first. Don’t let that fool you, though, this not-so-bad-boy is as easy the rest of ’em! Well, provided you can find him.

In contrast to Olive Town’s bachelorettes, many of its bachelors are constantly on the move. Sometimes this is due to their jobs, but Damon? He kind of just seems to like to wander. That’s just part of his charm, though, I suppose. It also starkly contrasts him to his equally available sister, Bridgette, who diligently works from home.

Birthday: Winter 15

Loves: Coffee, Fashionable Bracelet, Shiny Watch

Likes: Alpaca Cloth, Orichalcum Ingot, Coffee Pudding, Black Pansy, Ruby

Location: West of the Shrine, Animal Shop, Town Square, Docks


Iori – A Noble Eastern Lord

A young noble who moved to Olive Town from a faraway land, Iori is content to spend most of his days fishing and, as such, can generally be found by the sea when the weather conditions are right.  His admiration for nature compelled him to remain in Olive Town’s nature-rich locale. Despite no longer wanting anything to do with the titles bestowed upon him at birth, Iori’s immaculate manners still give him away as originally being someone with quite a bit of status—although, since he never uses this in a demeaning way, this could perhaps be seen as incredibly charming.

Birthday: Winter 28

Loves: Matsutake Mushroom, Mysterious Bait, Rice Ball, Shiny Watch

Likes: Shitake Mushroom, Guardian Bait, Tempura, Clematis, Soy Sauce, Sea Bream Sashimi

Location: At his own house. Beach


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