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SaGa Frontier Remastered – Who To Play First?


Is a carefree bard who stumbles face-first into a plot involving Trinity general Mondo and resistance leader Captain Hamilton. Plot twist this story involves Lute’s deceased father, who was betrayed and killed by Mondo.

Lute’s route is basically a total free roam mode where there isn’t much story. It begins with an introduction and the next story destination is the last dungeon. So you’re essentially left off to explore the world however you like, to train your abilities and skills. If you’ve explored the world with the other routes already, there might not be much incentive to do the exploring on Lute’s side. If you want to quickly end this route, it is highly recommended you can complete this route on New Game+ (which can be done in less than an hour if you New Game+ stats).



Riki is a Lummox, a fox-like creature, and one of the last remaining inhabitants of the mysterious world, Margmel. Determined to save his homeworld, he seeks the Rings of Margmel. Riki’s quest takes him around the regions to gather the Rings.

Playing as Riki will require you to learn how to use Monsters. To use monsters, each time when defeating a monster, you can absorb them and acquire their unique ability. By equipping a certain set of abilities, the monster takes a new form. This requires a lot of experimentation and maybe a little harder for some.

For Riki’s, you will go on an adventure of collecting Rings, which can only be used in his own scenario. He also has one of the harder last bosses in the game. So we definitely recommend playing this guy a little more towards the middle when you’re more comfortable with the game.



A young mage fresh out of magic school. His quest is to collect the “Gift” for as many magics as possible. After that, he is destined to fight his twin Rouge who has gained the opposite magics. Whichever brother survives obtains the other’s magic and receives the sacred “Life” magic.

Blue is a great beginner character that will let players get adjusted on how to complete some of the main sidequests in the game. These are the Rune and Arcane sidequests. These two questlines are tied into Blue’s main arc, but any other character can also complete them as side-objectives. To make it easier, Blue is the only character that has the Region Map tool – which allows you to quickly travel to locations you have previously been to before.

Near the end of the story, Blue’s magic stats will be doubled (due to story reasons) and this mechanic can be repeated in multiple New Game+ to make him one of the most busted characters in the game.

The two endings at the end of Blue’s storyline will end up with you having an asset later on.



Asellus’ story begins the day she’s run over by the carriage of Orlouge, the Mystic Lord of Facinaturu. In order to save her, Orlouge gives her his own blood and turns her into the world’s first half-mystic, half-human. Upon waking up and being inducted into his world Asellus decides to run away.

Asellus route is not quite the most beginner-friendly in SaGa Frontier Remastered. Asellus begins the game relatively weak and thrown in the middle of nowhere to start her scenario. It’s also a little bit unclear what you must do to progress her storyline forward, requiring talking to certain NPCs almost like an old-school adventure game. What makes Asellus’ scenario more difficult than the other routes is that the story is later progressed by semi-random boss encounters, sometimes in places where you least expect. This can easily get players stuck if they came in unprepared. 

The good thing about her is that she can use Mystic abilities which can absorb enemies and use their unique skill. Using Mystic abilities does have its consequences, as Asellus has three different endings and each is based on her playstyle.



Is a patrolman for InterRegional Police Organization (IRPO). His real name is Lostar, but his boss nicknamed him “Crazy Fuse” for his short temper. Fuse was intended to be the eighth playable character in the original game but he was cut before the game was released. A title screen sprite still exists in the original game’s data. To unlock Fuse’s route you will need to finish one of the playable scenarios first.

The general gist of Fuse’s route is to act as a what-if scenario to explain some of the missing story details of the original game. With some parts acting more like an extended epilogue. The scenario usually begins with a Case file report of routes you have previously cleared, where Fuse will go to fight the major antagonist of those scenarios.

This works similar to Lute’s free roam where you can grind, or just face the last boss from each scenario. If you recruited the main story characters, you can talk to them before doing the last mission to fight their final boss. Each time you defeat a final boss, the next one will be stronger than the previous. If you defeat all the bosses before finishing the last boss of the case you’re assigned to, you will fight the strongest version of that final boss.

Because of how strong each of the bosses are, it is highly recommended that you only play this scenario with New Game+ carryovers. 


SaGa Frontier Remastered Out Now

SaGa Frontier Remastered is one of the Top 10 Games coming out this April! It’s out now on the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC, iOS, Android.

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