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Outriders – Best Legendary Weapons List

Outriders is People Can Fly’s co-op looter shooter and it’s been out for a week now. The game is a whole lot of frenetic fast-paced action with all sorts of guns and powers at your disposal. And because I know some of you have been grinding you’re probably already on the lookout for the most powerful weapons.

On Enoch, the most powerful are the most legendary weapons. Not only do they have amped firepower, but they also come packing a unique ability. Which far exceeds the regular weapons you’re picking up. Additionally, using Outriders craft mechanic once you’ve found a unique gun, you can dismantle it for parts. Which you can then use to take its mod and craft into any other weapon in your inventory.

Some of the best guns in the game play differently with each of Outriders’ classes. In this guide we’ll be going through all of them including where to find it.


Where to find Legendary Weapons in Outriders

Unfortunately, there’s not too much of a guide here because looting legendary weapons in Outriders involves a lot of luck. But you can increase your chances by improving your World Tier and of course fighting tougher enemies. This includes mini-bosses aka Captains and main story bosses. Maximise your chances of encountering them by completing every side quest you come across. Potentially multiple times.

As you progress through Outriders, the World Tier bar at the top of the screen will fill. Once full, you’ll be able to progress to the next, more difficult, World Tier, which will in turn activate more play bonuses. The higher the World Tier, the higher the chance of bagging a good Legendary weapon. Note that it will get harder the more you increase your Tier so keep that in mind before you go ahead and try and jump too fast.


Torment and Agony – Pistol

Judgement Enforcer – Shots mark enemies. When reloading, deal a multiplier of your weapon’s damage to every marked enemy. Marks are removed when you change your weapon.

Clip Combustion – Reloading weapon creates a shockwave, dealing damage to enemies within a certain radius.

Dual-wielding pistols with a very high fire rate, which works incredibly well with the two mods that both cause damage to enemies whenever you reload. Not amazing but an extremely good side piece to have.

Torment and Agony is unlocked through story progress.


Lucky Jinx – Double Gun

Ultimate Toxic Bullets – Shots inflict Toxic on enemies

Perpetuum Mobile – You instantly replenish your magazine if you kill an enemy with 30% or less ammo remaining in your magazine. Cooldown of zero seconds

A huge amount of firepower at an alarming pace. Toxic keeps constant damage on your enemies and the Perpetuum Mobile allows you to instantly reload your ammo whenever you kill enemies with less than 35% ammo in your clip. It’s like running around with a mini-gun and infinite ammo.

The Lucky Jinx is unlocked by completing all of the Wanted quests.


The Migraine – SMG

Ultimate Bleeding Bullets – Shots make enemies bleed. 

Bomb’s Ahead – Kills make enemies into anomaly bombs that explode and inflict damage. 

Are you an agent of chaos? If you’re drawn to this gun then you know you are. This is a fast action bleed and explode kinda SMG gun. Use it for crowd control and to make everyone bleed and explode.


Amber Vault – Double Gun

Killing Spree – Killing shots increase damage by a certain percent for a set duration. Bonus deteriorates with time and stacks up to five kills.

Brain-eater – Critical shots do not consume ammo.

Let me repeat, critical shots don’t consume ammunition! An amazing ability that can mean if you have a steady aim and are generally lucky you’re going to find yourself shooting for a long time. Headshot enthusiasts like myself will never run dry. The real boost here is the 30% damage increase for 30 seconds with killing shots. And this buff can stack can unreal five times over for a total of up to 150%.

Yes, the bonus damage begins fading over time, but the cumulative nature of the weapon always snowballs into stratospheric numbers. There is an incentive to kill mobs and then take out bosses when the mod is fully stacked, which is a perfect strategy for group play.


Paxian Blessing – Shotgun

Life Stock – Every time you reload you’ll get some health back for every enemy killed since the last time you reloaded. 

Vampire – Boosts your Leech ability.

If you’re dying often or not watching your health bar like me, then you’ll need the Paxian Blessing. This Legenday gun is all about healing you. It restores part of your health that stacks for each enemy killed between reloads and boosts your Leech ability to extract more health from killed enemies. 


Grim Marrow – LMG

Singularity – Killing shots create an Anomaly singularity. When destroyed, the singularity explodes, dealing damage to enemies within a certain radius.

Improved Stiffening – Shots inflict Slow on enemies.

The Grim Marrow is unlocked towards the end of the story quest, it’s a guaranteed drop that you can’t miss. This is a fully upgraded version for a level 27 character, boasting huge Crit Damage bonuses and a nice bonus to close range damage. The Singularity is a fantastic tool for large groups, creating an Anomaly that you can shoot to detonate, killing everything nearby. Good for crowds.


Aerie Master – Shotgun

Weightlessness – Shots inflict Time Rift on enemies. Time Rift raises the enemy into the air.

Critical Point – Increases the chance of scoring a critical shot.

While shotguns aren’t for everyone, the Aerie Master has an insane set of perks that easily render enemies completely useless. Weightlessness is one of the most useful mods in the game and if you don’t like the shogun make sure to dismantle and keep this part. Suspending a bunch of enemies in timeis perfect for large swarms. Once they’re suspended so close together, the Aerie’s spray pattern means that each of them will get hit.


Golem’s Limb – Shotgun

Golem Rising – Killing shots grant you a protective Golem effect.

Vampire – Killing shots grant Skill Leech boost.

A gun for tanks, Golem’s Limb grants you protection and health giving you a lot of staying power. It’s definitely a weapon to pull out when you’re expecting to take a lot of punishment. As far as Outriders legendary weapons go this is almost a support option.   


The Iceberg – Rifle

Winter Blast – Critical shots create an icy blast that inflicts Freeze on enemies within a certain radius.

Icebreaker – Killing shots against frozen enemies make them explode, dealing damage.

For something a little less close and personal The Iceberg is all about freezing and damage enemies. All this frost damage can imobilize an enemy in place and also make them explode, causing damage to nearby targets. 


Thunderbird – Assault Rifle

Ultimate Storm Whip – Shots bring down lightning on an enemy.

Striga – A percentage of critical damage is returned to you as health.

This Legendary Assault Rifle is just as fierce as it looks. Channelling the power of the tempest, its perks make it a deadly addition to your arsenal. Each bolt of lightning deals 26 damage with every shot, making enemy health bars melt away. Add Striga into the mix, which recalls 30% of your critical damage as health, and you’ll be an effectively indestructible walking menace.


Outriders is one of our top games coming out this month! If you like this be sure to check out all our other game guides here.