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Cozy Grove – A Beginner’s Spirit Guide

Cozy Grove joins the ever-growing list of adorable life-sims and has launched the PS4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PC and iOS. In Cozy Grove by Spry Fox, you’re a ‘Spirit Scout’, a kind of girl scout that’s there to help the poor folks residing on the island of the dead. Like most of the traditional life-sims expect to farm, build and run errands for all the charming characters in the game.

The more you do on the island the more colour you’ll be bringing to the land. 10/10 I can say is very aesthetically pleasing. But as with all games that involve some sort of management you might need a little guide here and there. That’s where we come in, here’s everything you need to know before you hop into Cozy Grove.


You Can’t Grind Cozy Grove

Cozy Grove is not a game where you can easily burn through, much like Animal Crossing, it requires the passing of real days for certain things to progress.

To begin with, you’ll find yourself very limited. On your first day, you only meet a handful of ghosts and only unlock a couple of tools. So, once you’ve finished up the tasks for each ghost, you’re kind of stuck for things to do as Flamey and the ghosts you’ve met will simply tell you to check back in the next day. You can still gather items and sell them if you wish, but ultimately, you can’t progress your island any further.

The more you continue playing however the more you’ll have to do each day. From running daily tasks, to unlocking new tools and new items to gather.


Upgrade Your Tent First

There are a number of upgrades that you can in Cozy Grove but the first one you should get should be for your tent. Upgrading your tent not only grants you more storage slots but it increases the colour in your camp area. I don’t need to say it but having more storage slots is only going to make your life easier here.


Progress Cozy Grove Through Flamey

To progress in Cozy Grove you’ll need to restore colour to the island by feeding Spirit Logs to Flamey who will light the island with more colour. In order to get a Spirit Log, you need to help a ghost that can be found all around the island.

Feeding the fire brightens the island and helps you to find other stranded ghosts. Of course, these new ghosts will have more quests for you, which you can trade for Spirit Logs. Note that you can only collect a certain number of Spirit Logs a day. You’ll know you’ve hit your limit when Flamey tells you to.

You’re going to want to make collecting Spirit Logs a priority. By returning colour to the island means that you can interact with even more items. Hint: Expand the range of colour by placing lantern decorations on the edge of the colour range to cause it to reach even further and affect a wider area.

Colour can fade day-to-day, so eventhough you might have left an area coloured already. The next day colour may have been a little faded. Like most real-time progression games you’ll need to a couple of maintainence activities the next time you log in to keep everything tip top.


Pay Attention To Decoration Preferences

Decorations can be obtained in Cozy Grove either from buying them directly from Mr Kit, crafting them or from quest rewards. Each decoration has its own type of unique characteristic, such as ‘rustic’ or ‘spooky’. This is important to note because Plants and animals on the island have certain preferences and will respond better to their likes being addressed.

Decorating with items that the Plants and animals like means you’ll be able to harvest more resources from them. The happier a plant is, the more you’ll be able to harvest from it. You can examine their preferences at any time by approaching them.


Fulfil The Bear & Imp Requests

Throughout the island, you’ll spot the ghost bears and the imps. Every day the ghost bears will task you with new requests, usually asking you to fetch or find some particular items for them. Completing these requests not only furthers the storyline and restores some colour to the island, but you’ll also get plenty of coins too.

The more you progress through the story, the more bear ghosts you will unlock, meaning you will have more and more requests to fulfil each day. Some will only take you a couple of minutes, while others may span over a couple of days.

As for the imps, if you can catch them, they will request a specific item from you. By giving or tossing the wanted item to the imp, you can earn a variety of rewards, ranging from money to different items. Even if the items are something you don’t want, you can always sell them to Mr Kit.


Island Landmarks

Every Cozy Grove island is going to be different for each players, with small changes here and there. Get familiar with the layout of the island and keep an eye on the landmarks scattered around. These include dead trees, skulls and ponds. By knowing where everything is you’ll find it easier to break to hunt down the various items requested by your ghostly neighbours.

If you get stuck check your Quest Log for a clue to the next missing item. Or speak to Charlotte Pine for directions.


Donate To Captain Snout

One of the easiest ways to earn stuff is to donate to Captain Snout’s item collection. Captain Snout will accept almost every item on the island from Fish, Shells, Flowers, Cooking Ingredients, Cooked Meals, Crafting Ingredients.

Donate just about everything you can find on the island and you’ll soon find yourself swimming in riches. This can range to money and sometimes gemstones which are infinitely more rare or sometimes brand new recipes. Don’t forget that you can also burn some of the items you find at Flamey to get a new type of item variant to donate to Captain Snout.

As your island expands remember to keep checking back in with Captain Snout to donate any new items that you find.


Cozy Grove

With those Cozy Grove tips and tricks, you’ll be able to start making money and helping ghosties out in no time. Just remember that sometimes the game won’t let you progress any further, and you will have to wait until the following day for more quests to appear. For more of our beginner’s guides be sure to check them out here.