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SOS: Pioneers Of Olive Town – Best Crops To Plant

Like all farming games Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town‘s main game is going to revolve around your farm. Now we all know that not all crops are created equal. There are always those specific varieties that are going to net you more profit than others. Profitability can be calculated not just by how much you can sell a particular crop for, but it’s dependent on how much its seed costs and how long it takes to grow. In this guide, we’ve come up with the best crops you can grow in Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

As we mentioned in our Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town beginner’s guide, you can also increase the quality of your crops by increasing your crop quality. You can do this by increasing your farm’s soil quality at the Shrine above the town. Disclaimer: The crop prices listed here are before improving soil quality for improved pricing.



The not so obvious winner of the Spring profit crops is Cucumbers. They are the only regrowing crop this season but do take some time to mature, so be sure to plant them as soon as you can. Keep watering them and you should have great returns for early on in your first season of Pioneers of Olive Town.

The next crop to grow for-profit would be Broccoli and Garlic. But you won’t have access to both those crops until at least next Spring. You can only buy Broccoli Seeds at the store in Winter, but they can be planted in Spring. So make sure to stock up on Broccoli Seeds during that time. As for Garlic, they’ll be added to the General Store when you reach Fieldwork Lvl. 9.

CropGrowth TimeRegrowth TimeCrops per SeedSeed PriceCrop Price
Onion6 Days1220G286G
Turnip4 Days1160G192G
Strawberry8 Days3250G125G
Radish 5 Days4100G30G
Potato6 Days4120G42G
Cucumber7 Days4 Days3200G70G
Garlic3 Days315G
Tea Leaf12 Days5180G64G
Beans12 Days3200G80G
Wheat12 Days5220G88G
Rice14 Days6250G83G


There are two clear winners for Summer crops and they’re Green Peppers and Pineapples. Green Peppers are not only the most profitable crop for Summer, but they’ll give you the most profit all year. Each seed gives you a profit of 920G, higher than any other crop. They will continue to flower two more times after initial harvest, and they produce four peppers per harvest. They also continue to grow into Autumn so you can keep replanting the seeds without worrying too much about the seasons changing while it’s growing.

Don’t forget about Pineapples however because they’ll be your fast money makers. You can only buy pineapple seeds after you find and ship a pineapple. We found pineapple on our farm after it rained for the first time in the Summer, around a week or so into the season. After shipping it, pineapple seeds will be available to purchase the next day from the general store.

CropGrowth TimeRegrowth TimeCrops per SeedSeed PriceCrop Price
Pumpkin5 Days1180G270G
Corn8 Days4 Days1220G242G
Tomato6 Days4 Days3250G91G
Red Pepper7 Days4 Days3280G102G
Eggplant7 Days4 Days3300G110G
Green Pepper8 Days5 Days4400G110G
Beans12 Days3200G80G
Pineapple6 Days1420G630G
Melon7 Days1350G525G
Tea Leaf12 Days5180G64G


Sweet Potatoes are the main crop for you to focus on this Autumn. One seed will yield several harvests at a decent profit. If you’re looking to grow other crops you can check out Carrots and Spinach for a budget option.

CropGrowth TimeRegrowth TimeCrops per SeedSeed PriceCrop Price
Spinach4 Days1160G240G
Carrot5 Days1200G300G
Okra8 Days4240G72G
Sweet Potato7 Days3 Days1320G384G
Radish5 Days4100G30G
Chili Pepper9 Days3400G240G
Beans12 Days3200G80G
Wheat12 Days5220G88G
Rice14 Days5250G83G
Tea Leaf12 Days5180G64G


Cabbage is winter’s best crop, but you need to scour your first farm area to find one and unlock seeds. You can potentially find one in spring, though I didn’t run across any. Leeks are in the third farm area, and those plus daikon radishes are the best bets for steady income. 

CropGrowth TimeRegrowth TimeCrop Price
Broccoli6 Days3 Days120G
Cabbage7 Days448G
Leek4 Days200G
Daikon Radish4 Days234G

Summer is by far the best season for growing Crops. When you unlock the Shrine, you’ll be able to unlock a Special Location where it’s always the same season for every season. This means you can grow Summer crops all year long!

Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town came out last week on the Nintendo Switch. For more of our guides check out all our guides here as well as our Pioneers of Olive Town beginner’s guide here.