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Sos: Friends Of Mineral Town – Festival Guide, Winter

You’ve made it through the growing year in Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town. With the crops asleep and the animals safe and cosy in the barn come the quiet months of Winter. Now comes the season where you can spend time catching up on everything you haven’t had time for all year. Be it mining, fishing and of course spending time on a little thing called love.

There are a total of 25 different festivals in Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town. There’s a lot to go through so we’ve split them into four seasons – SpringSummer, Autumn and Winter.

This is everything happening in Mineral Town in Winter.


Winter 2 – Mayor Thomas’ Winter Request

Your Farm, Morning and 7.00PM

Requirements: The requested item
Benefits: +1 Gold Lumber

This event isn’t technically a festival, but it does occur annually on this date. On Winter 2 Mayor Thomas will be waiting outside your front door in the morning with a request.

Turns out he needs a certain item to prove how great Mineral Town is to all the other Mayors in the potentially next Mayor gathering. He’ll request for you to get him either AEPFE Apple, Bell Pepper, Black Grass, Bracelet, Diamond, Golden Egg, Matsutake Mushroom, Mochi, Moonstone, or White Grass. The event item is randomly selected.

Pro Tip: If Thomas requests an item you’ve no way of obtaining, reload your saved game to reset the request.

Give him the item when he returns to your farm at 7 PM that same night. If you refuse to help you’ll lose 10 Friendship Points with Thomas. And if you miss him on the farm later that night you’ll lose FP with him as well.

As a reward he’ll give you a single piece of Gold Lumber.


Winter 14 – Valentine’s Day [Unmarried]

Your Farm, All Day

Requirements: Be unmarried. Have space in your bag. Have at least Purple Heart relationships with the bachelorettes. Chocolate for gifting.
Benefits: +1000 Love Points from each gift.

Just like White Day in the Spring where the men show affection with cookies, the reverse happens on Valentine’s Day in Winter.

During this day the female marriage candidates in town that you have a special relationship with will stopping by to shower you with affection and Chocolate or Orangettes. Talk to each suitor with some empty space in your bag to receive the gift.

A purple heart will get you chocolates and a yellow heart will get you Orangettes. If you haven’t received a ring from White Day and your candidate has more than a yellow heart you’ll get one of the 7 Rings. 

These are the times everyone will be stopping by.

Popuri6.00 AM – 7.00 AM
Ran8.00 AM – 9.00 AM
Elly10.00 AM – 11.00 AM
Karen2.00 PM – 3.00 AM
Marie4.00 PM – 5.00 PM
JenniferSent to Mailbox

If there’s a special guy in your life that you want to show affection to you can give them chocolate as well. Giving chocolate should earn you +1000LP from them. Just remember to buy some from the general store the day before.

Pro Tip: You can regift the Chocolate you received from the girls earlier in the day.


Winter 14 – Valentine’s Day [Married]

Your Farm, All Day

Requirements: Keep space in your bag before bedtime to receive the gift. Be married. Chocolate for gifting.
Benefits: +1000 Love Points with Spouse.

Your spouse will sneak either Chocolate or Orangette into your backpack at bedtime. Depending on your heart level. More than a yellow heart will get you Orangettes as well as one of the 7 rings if you never received one pre-marriage.

During Valentine’s even though you are married you can still give Cookies to the girls around time. But instead of Love Points you’ll get +20 Friendship Points from them instead. Remember to save some Chocolate for your spouse though. Giving them Chocolate will earn you +1000 Love Points and +20 Friendship Points.


Winter 24 – Starlight Night [Unmarried]

Your Farm from 6:00PM – 12:00AM

Requirements: Marriage candidate with Green Heart of affection or higher.
Benefits: +2000 Love Points with the marriage candidate. +30 Friendship Points with everyone at the festival.

Starlight Night is one of the nights in Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town that you can use to be with your chosen boo… and probably some other people as well.

The day before Winter 23, Mayor Thomas will come to your farm with invitations from your potential marriage candidate that you have a Green Heart of affection or higher. They’ll ask you to meet them at a chosen location at 6 PM.

You can read each letter and then select one to accept. Or go solo and not participate in this event at all. But if you want to go head over to the location in the invite to start the party. You’ll have some dinner, some conversation and altogether great celebration. After the celebration is over, you’ll earn +2000 LP with the marriage candidate and +30 FP with the other party participants.

Here are all the locations to save you some time.

NameLocation at 6PM
DoctorMineral Clinic
EllyEllen’s House
Bon VivantUnavailable Until Married
Harvest GoddessUnavailable Until Married
HuangUnavailable Until Married
JenniferJennifer’s Tent
KaiUnavailable Until Married
KappaKappa’s Lake
KarenGeneral Store
MarieBasil’s House

Selecting an invitation from Brandon, Cliff, Doctor, Gray, or Jennifer (where the party occurs inside your farmhouse) will reward you with one of the 7 Rings.


Winter 24 – Starlight Night [Married]

Your Farm from 6:00PM – 12:00AM

Requirements: Married
Benefits: +1000 Love Points with your spouse. +20 Friendship Points your child (if any)

Starlight Night after you’re married turns into a more subdued affair. Instead of partying with the people in town you have a quiet little affair at home. If you’re married to any of the special marriage candidates or Kai they’ll be at home for this event.