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7 Best Valheim Mods And How To Install Them

Unrestricted Portals

Unrestricted Portals is a mod that allows players to take any item through portals. Because Valheim has so many resources that are separated by tons of land and water, it makes grinding certain resources a pain. Having to go from one point to another takes lots of time. It’s a useless grind.

The developers fixed this by adding portals. This would be a solution, but they then blacklisted certain items. The blacklist of certain items forced players to go back to doing the useless grind. This mod allows you to bring those items through the portals. Items like metal ores, saving several hours worth of long trips over the course of the game.


Add A Clock

It can be difficult to keep track of the time in Valheim, especially when fighting in dark biomes like the Swamp where the sun isn’t visible throughout the day. The clock mod makes it easy to keep track of the time, ensuring that you can hunt during the day and be back in your camp before the sun goes down. This isn’t the most glamorous mod on the list, but it is incredibly useful if you want to avoid being attacked by enemies at night.


Planting Plus

This sounds kinda lame but for those cultivating the ultimate foliage aesthetic, it most definitely is not. The Planting Plus mod allows you to place berry bushes, mushrooms, thistle, dandelion, birch trees, oak trees, and ancient trees by planting their respective resources with the cultivator.


Hold Attack

A simple but oh so sweet hold attack mod. This one lets you mine ore, cut wood and even fight with just one press. Say goodby to button mashing and hold down the attack key.


Love Valheim but I think we have to admit these quality of life mods really help the game shine. Are there any that you like that we missed? If you like Valheim be sure to check out our armour and weapons game guides here!

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