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7 Best Valheim Mods And How To Install Them

Full disclaimer mods are not officially supported by the developers of Valheim, Iron Gate Studios. So we don’t know what impact mods will ultimately have on your saved worlds and characters as the game is updated while in Early Access. Be sure to save a backup!

The modding community has always been the unsung heroes of gaming. And if you’re searching for a new way to experience Valheim, or you want to change some of the more tedious aspects of the game, these mods should have everything you need.


How To Download Mods

To start you’ll need to download BepInEx pack for Valheim. This is what’s going to allow you to mod the game. After you download it simply place the files in your Valheim install folder and you are good to go. (I’d make a backup though if there’s a game you don’t want to lose).

Next, download the game’s Unstripped DLLs. It is highly advised to use Vortex (download here) in order to install these files as the mod manager creates its own temp folder and does not override any of the game’s original DLLs. If you don’t want to use this software, the page has detailed steps on how to apply the new DDLs yourself.

Finally, head to the Nexus game page and install whichever mod tickles your fancy! Do this either manually or via Vortex.

Note: Disabling and deleting unwanted mods is also far easier since Vortex “knows” which files to remove, so there is no risk anything is deleted by mistake. Its GUI will also show when there is a newer version of a mod and will warn you if there are any file conflicts.


Valheim Plus

The most popular Valheim mod by far is ValheimPlus. It’s a mod aimed at improving the gameplay quality and quality of life of Valheim. Frustrated by how difficult building structures are? Remove all building restrictions. Hate how long it takes for the smelter to drop metal? Change the smelter’s timer to take half the time instead.

The mod includes several different main features including modifiers to in-game stats of players, buildings and entities and a sophisticated system to build and place objects and a system to modify already placed objects. If you’re determined to build the Viking fort of your dreams, you should definitely check this mod out.

This mod also includes quality of life fixes such as the shared map system for players in groups which makes exploring much easier than before. ValheimPlus is for the people who know exactly what experience they want out of the game but were previously unable to do anything about it.


First Person View Valheim

Add an additional camera option to Valheim with this First Person View mod. This mod in Valheim gives you the option to zoom in and out in the third person. Whether you want to gaze across the ocean as you quietly fish, or you want a better angle to hunt deer with a bow and arrow, the first person mod is perfect for all kinds of scenarios.

It’s helpful for hunting deer and boar in the dense underbrush in the Meadows and Black Forest biomes. It’s also useful for surveying new biomes for hazards and enemies before you enter them. 


Pull From Containers

All crafting games need this mod. This mod allows you to make use of resources in nearby containers when crafting, building, using smelters and kilns, refuelling fires, cooking food, etc. Instead of having to go through your various crates to find the resources you need. It’ll pull resources from any crates you have, so you can do your crafting without a whole lot of rummaging around beforehand.

It even works for upgrading items, fueling campfires and torches, and adding ore to smelters. Convenient!