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10 Gorgeous Pixel Art Games You Don’t Want To Miss

Video games are an art form and just like art, they come in all sorts of forms. From simple line sketches to anime, cartoons, hyper-realism. There are so many different forms of art in video games, but if you go back you’ll find that it all began with the pixel. The 8-bit and 16-bit pixel games is where gaming began but now it’s used more for its retro aesthetic. Whether you love pixel art for the nostalgia or you just like the look of it, I think we can all agree the genre isn’t going anywhere soon.

Pixel art has evolved over the years from the top down 2D Legend of Zelda days. They’ve gotten more complex but still retain their pixel beauty – games like Hyper Light Drifter, Undertale and Dead Cells really showcase the power of the humble pixel. Now we want to showcase 10 upcoming pixel art games coming up that you’re not going to want to miss out on!


Eldest Souls by Fallen Flag Studio

Release Date: Q2 2021

Eldest Souls has you playing as a lone knight battling a series of ancient Gods who have escaped their prison. Touted as a “pixel-art boss-rush game” it looks to be a fast-paced dark fantasy hack-and-slash. Fight your way up the vast, forgotten Citadel of the Old Gods and be rewarded with untold power. Each God’s death will grant you their power, blessing you with talents and abilities. In the citadel, there aren’t just the Old Gods but there are NPCs to converse with and quests to undertake. Not to mention that the Citadel holds more than a few mysteries of its own.

Platforms: PlayStation 5 / 4. Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC – Steam


No Place For Bravery by Glitch Factory

Release Date: September 12th 2021

No Place For Bravery is a top-down action RPG that features fast-paced, punishing combat. Following the journey of Thorn, an old retired warrior plagued by nightmares. He stumbles on an opportunity for redemption one day after finding clues to his daughter’s disappearance from long ago. With the company of his disabled foster son, Phid, it will be up to the player to decide how far Thorn will go, not only to rescue his daughter but also to fulfil his ambitions. No Place For Bravery is a deep tale full of moral dilemmas and personal reflections.

Platforms: Nintendo Switch, PC – Steam


Nykra by ENDESGA

Release Date: September 27th 2021

An existential narrative-driven sci-fi adventure platformer, set in the firstborn galaxy called Nykra. Nykra is a story about life, love, discovery, and confusion. Take on the role of Keu, a being born from the outer dimensions. She’s told of an “Unseeable Darkness”, that is corrupting the very fabric of the Heptaverse. As you read through the alien literature, discover archaic long lost ruins, and delve your thoughts into the unfamiliar languages of the galaxy, you start to realise the ‘dark virus’ people fear might not be what you expect, at all.

Platforms: PC – Steam, Mac, Linux


A Space For The Unbound by Mojiken Studio

Release Date: September 2021

Mojiken Studio are both artists with the brush and the soul, telling beautiful stories steeped in culture that sing to your emotion. Their last few games She And The Light Bearer and When The Past Was Around were award-winning magnificent bouts in storytelling. Now they’re back with A Space For The Unbound a coming-of-age, slice-of-life adventure that touches on the themes of anxiety and depression. It tells the story of a relationship between a boy and a girl with supernatural powers. Set in a small town in the 90s rural Indonesia, A Space for The Unbound‘s free prologue chapter already has a 10/10 rating on Steam.

Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC – Steam, Mac, Linux


Chinatown Detective Agency by General Interactive

Release Date: Summer 2021

We’ve covered Chinatown Detective Agency over the years and I’m still no less excited about it! A point and click cybernoir adventure, you play as Amira Darma, an ex-INTERPOL agent with a PI agency in Singapore’s Chinatown. The future is full of harsh glowing neon lights and a gritty narrative that teeters on the edge of chaos. As a detective, you’ll need to help your clients, travel the globe and untangle a web of conspiracies and plans that threaten to topple the country

Platforms: Nintendo Switch, PC – Steam, Mac