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Valheim – How To Not Freeze To Death In The Mountains

The snowy Mountains biome of Valheim is one of the more difficult of the game’s biomes to survive in. Among the five biomes in Valheim, the Mountain is the only one with a unique climate mechanic. Once you set foot in the Mountain you will slowly start Freezing and will start losing HP. If you don’t make a fire or throw a cloak one this will likely end up with you becoming a Viking popsicle.

So why do you ask should we even go into these God-forsaken Mountains? Well, this is where some of the rarest materials in Valheim can be found. This is where you’ll mine Obsidian, Silver and be able to defeat Moder, the Dragon Mother. Defeating her gives you access to the (current) highest tier of crafting.

Have no fear because Unpause is here to help! Check out our survival guide down below before you freeze your butt off.


What To Bring To The Mountain

Just a quick checklist for you before you head to the Mountain biome.

  • Frost Resistance Mead – Crafting instructions below
  • Wolf Armour / Lox Cape – Crafting instructions below
  • Bow & Arrow / Sword & Shield – For the Wolves
  • Iron Pickaxe – To mine Silver
  • Build A Cart – To transport ore and the Dragon Eggs

Drink Frost Resistance Mead

Ingredients: 10x Honey, 5x Thistle, 2x Bloodbag, 1x Greydwarf Eye

Recipe: Cook the recipe in the cauldron and then place it in the fermenter for 2 days. Makes 6x Frost Resistance Mead.

There are a number of ways for you however to stay alive in the snowy mountains. The first thing will be to increase your Frost Resistance by drinking Frost Resistance Mead.

Frost Resistance Mead gives you a 10-minute buff that completely negates the freezing status effect. You can use this in the beginning, to get around the mountain.


Don Wolf Armor

Drinking down bottles of mead is a troublesome and costly way to stay alive on the mountain. But once you can stay warm for a couple of minutes with the Frost Resistance Mead you can start mining Silver. This will help you craft Wolf Armor that will keep you warm indefinitely.

Crafting Recipe

  • Drake Helmet – 20x Silver, 2x Wolf pelt, 2x Drake trophy.
  • Wolf Armor Chest – 20x Silver, 5x Wolf Pelt, 1x Chain
  • Wolf Armor Legs – 20x Silver, 5x wolf Pelt, 4x Wolf Fang
  • Wolf Fur Cape – 6x Wolf Pelt, 4x Silver, 1x Wolf Trophy

Crafting and wearing just the Wolf Fur Cape or Armor Chest will grant you a Frost Resistance buff. You won’t need to craft the whole set but you should as it’s one of the best armour sets you’re going to get in Valheim.


Mining Silver

First, all you have to do is find some Silver Veins on the Mountain. This is a bit easier said than done because Silver tends to spawn under the surface of the biome. So you’ll need to dig to get to it, which can be a little difficult under all that snow.

The easiest thing to do is to defeat Bonemass, the game’s third boss who will reward you with a Wishbone. The Wishbone when equipped will help pinpoint the location of underground treasures, including Silver Veins. Run around the Mountain area until you hear a ping and see several green flashes push outward from your character. Then start digging!

You’ll need an Iron Pickaxe (20x iron and 3x core wood) to mine for Silver, so make sure you’ve already upgraded your tools before setting out.


Get Wolf Pelts

You’ll also need Wolf Pelts to craft Wolf Armor. These are a bit easier to get compared to Silver and can also be found on the Mountain.

To find Wolf Pelts, simply head to any Mountain biome and look for Wolves roaming around. These guys are tough and come in threes, so come prepared with health potions. It’s easy to get overwhelmed so make sure to equip a shield or go ahead and shoot at them from afar.


Or Wear A Lox Cape

Crafting Recipe: 6x Lox Pelt, 2x Silver

If you happen to have been in the Plains biome before this you may already have some Lox Pelt on you, which could save you some time hunting wolves. Lox are those large, woolly rhinoceros-like reptiles that can’t hear or see for shit. You can basically walk behind them without crouching to attack them.

Like the Wolf Armour, the Lox Cape will protect you from Freezing to death in the Mountains. I’d still recommend you craft the Wolf Armour Set though but this is a good stop-gap measure.


Don’t Throw Away Your Mead Just Yet

Now that you’ve got all your warmest armour on you’re safe and sound from Freezing right? No. In Valheim you’re at the mercy of inclement weather as well, meaning that if it rains or there’s a blizzard you can still Freeze.

This is because of the Wet Effect that happens when your Viking is caught in the rain or immersed in water. When Wet the Mountain’s Freezing Effect is amplified until your character is dry again. Being Wet also negates the Frost Resistance of your Wolf Fur and Lox Capes. In this case, you’ll need to drink the Frost Resistance Mead to protect you from Freezing until you’re dry again.

If it starts raining our advice is to build a fire and a small shelter to wait it out. Standing near a fire will protect you from both the Wet and Freezing status.


Valheim is still in early access and some of this might change over time, but as of this date this is all accurate. All good Vikings know they need some help every once in a while so be sure to check out our other Valheim game guides here!