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Valheim – Best Weapons List

Best Valheim Hammer


The Stagbreaker is a huge two-handed hammer that deals AoE damage – it’s widely considered the best Valheim weapon in the early game. Stagbreaker is slow but hits hard, and deals damage to a wide area around it.

Blunt20Block Power15
Pierce5Parry Force50
Knockback150Parry Bonus2x
Backstab2xMovement Speed-5%

How To Unlock: Defeat Eikthyr

Crafting Recipe: Requires Level 2 Workbench

  • 20x Core Wood
  • 5x Deer Trophy
  • 2x Leather Scraps


This unique hammer may not have the highest physical damage output, but it has frost damage that can freeze enemies. Frostner also has the highest base durability of 200 compared to all the other weapons in the game.

Blunt35 (10-21)Block Power10
Frost40 (12-24)Parry Force30
Spirit20 (6-12)Parry Bonus2x
Knockback120Movement Speed-5%

How To Unlock: This item is unlocked with Ymir flesh. Which can only be purchased from the trader Haldor, who resides in the Black Forest. One piece of flesh will cost you 120 coins.

Crafting Recipe: Requires Level 3 Workbench


Best Valheim Axe


If you already have the Blackmetal Axe you may not need the Battleaxe since it does more damage and you can hold a shield. But if you haven’t gotten your axes up I’ll invite you to check out the Battleaxe’s high parry force and almost-equal damage. That makes it a fantastic dedicated weapon in its own right. Additionally, you can unlock the Battleaxe earlier on than the Blackmetal Axe.

Slash75Block Power20
Knockback70Parry Force70
Backstab3xParry Bonus2x
Movement Speed-20%

How To Unlock: Unlocked once you discover Iron

Crafting Recipe: Requires Level 2 Workbench

  • 30x Ancient Bark
  • 35x Iron
  • 4x Leather Scraps

Best Valheim Sword

Silver Sword

The Silver Sword is probably the best sword on offer thanks to its high damage output. The Silver Sword actually has higher base damage than the Blackmetal Sword, while also only requiring a level 3 Workbench to craft.

Slash75 (28-51)Block Power10 (10)
Spirit30 (11-20)Parry Force20
Knockback40Parry Bonus2x
Backstab3xMovement Speed-5%

How To Unlock: It is unlocked when you acquire Linen Thread

Crafting Recipe: Requires Level 3 Workbench

  • 2x Wood
  • 40x Silver
  • 3x Leather Scraps
  • 5x Iron

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