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Valheim – Best Weapons List

Valheim is a wonderful Norse place with an abundance of resources for you to live your best Viking life. And it would be perfect if you didn’t have all those dangerous creatures wandering around. So before you leave your encampment be sure to bring your best weapons.

There are several types of weapons you can craft in Valheim. With everything from daggers, axes, bows to sledgehammers. Each of these weapons you’ll find will be effective against different types of enemies. For example, blunt weapons, such as clubs, are great against skeletons. While slashing them with a sword won’t yield much damage. And naturally, late-game weapons are more damaging than early-game weapons.

There’s a couple of things to go through with regards to the best weapon, how to unlock and how to craft. But have no fear Viking we’ve got our list here for you!

Onward to Valheim!


Types of Weapons in Valheim

Each one of these weapon types has an associated skill (apart from Clubs, Sledgehammers, and Maces, which all use the same Club skill). You can level up each skill by using that particular weapon type. The higher your skill, the more damage you’ll deal with that type of weapon.

Here are all the types of weapons in Valheim:


Clubs, Sledgehammers & Maces

These blunt weapons do extra stagger damage upon successfully parrying an enemy hit. They also deal bonus damage to skeletons.


Spears deal piercing damage, which is good against trolls. You can throw it using the middle mouse button; the standard attack is a simple jab, with a shorter attack range than the axe.

Daggers & Knives

Knives, or daggers, are the lightest weapons available, with the lowest stamina cost per swing. They don’t slow you down when you run, either, so they’re great for a highly mobile combat style. However, they don’t hold up so well when parrying, as they have a low block power and parry force.

Crucially, though, if you attack an enemy with a dagger while you’re undetected, you deal a massive 10x extra sneak attack damage.


Swords are one-handed and deal slashing damage. Your secondary attack with a sword will stun enemies.


Axes deal slashing damage and are strong against greydwarves and trees. But their swing speed and windup take longer than swords do. Once you discover iron, you can craft a two-handed battleaxe, which has a sweeping combo to take down groups of foes.

Atgeir / Polearm

The Atgeir is essentially an axe on a stick. Similar to spears, it deals piercing damage, though has better range than spears. Its special attack deals AoE knockdown damage in a sweeping arc around the player, but it consumes a significant amount of stamina.

Bow & Arrow

Bows are great for kiting enemies around, and arrows also deal piercing damage – with additional damage types depending on the arrows you equip.


Upgrading Your Weapons

Most weapons will also have different variants for different materials which you’ll unlock as you progress through the game. You’ll start with Flint then progress to Copper, Bronze, Iron and Blackmetal.

Upgrade your weapon to higher levels using an upgraded Workbench. You’ll also unlock special weapon recipes after picking up rare resources in-game. With this levelling system, you won’t be discarding one weapon for a better one but rather you’ll upgrade the same weapon over and over again.

In this list, you can assume that the Blackmetal variations of the weapon are going to be some of the best weapons in Valheim. So we won’t list that here, instead here are the others and how to unlock and craft them.