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The Best Of Nintendo Direct February 2021

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout On Switch

Release Date: TBA Summer 2021

Mediatonic’s goofycolourful battle royale hit from last year, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, is coming to the Nintendo Switch. If you’ve never played before you definitely should. How it works is that players compete in massive elimination-style party games. Each match lasts only a matter of minutes, and players can choose to watch matches play out.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is currently available on PC and PlayStation 4. And if you want some tips and tricks to get that crown click here.


Star Wars: Hunters

Release Date: TBA 2021

A squad-based Star Wars arena combat game that’s free to play?! Sign me up. Star Wars: Hunters is a competitive, third-person shooter set in the Star Wars universe. Details are still a bit scarce at this point but we know that it’ll take place after the fall of the Empire and it’s coming out sometime this year.

The official website synopsis:

Join the greatest Hunters from the Star Wars galaxy in real-time cross-play squad battles. Dominate grand arenas using skill and tactics as you engage in thrilling combat to reign victorious with your team.

The one big red flag is that Star Wars: Hunters is being developed by Zynga, aka the old King of microtransactions. If you’ve ever played FarmVille then you know. So the question is, will this be a cash grab or will the game actually be fun?


Neon White

Release Date: Winter 2021

Donut County developer Ben Esposito has done something vastly different with Neon White. This stylish first-person platformer and action game about exterminating demons in a fantastical version of Heaven. Featuring rapid-fire mechanics and a mask-based, anime-inspired style. The protagonist is an assassin from Hell named White, who’s in Heaven on a mission to eradicate a demon infestation and potentially earn a permanent place beyond the Pearly Gates.

Esposito is quoted as saying, “Neon White is a first-person action platformer inspired by Y2K-era anime and cult-classic character action games… It’s a campy anime speedrunning game made for freaks, by freaks.”


Project Triangle Strategy

Release Date: TBA 2022

If you’re a fan of Final Fantasy Tactics or Octopath Traveler then Project Triangle Strategy is the game for you. If you’ve played any kind of tactics games before especially the Square Enix variety then this game is going to feel like home.

Not much is known about Project Triangle Strategy, except that the name is a mouthful and the gameplay looks very similar to most tactics game. Position and move your troops along a grid to take out the opposing enemy. Likely, the “triangle” part of the title refers to whatever strengths and weaknesses are defined by the mechanics. Square Enix is promising that the game will feature plenty of “choice and consequences.” The game hits those nostalgic notes just right and I expect we’ll see this do well.


Splatoon 3

Release Date: TBA 2022

Surprise! It’s Splatoon 3! Nintendo’s successful multiplayer franchise that involves splattering as much coloured ink across the environment as possible is coming back. The tease for the game was weirdly specific but not about the gameplay. In the introduction trailer, we can see customisation options for a player’s inkling. As well as potentially some sort of storyline?

Well the game is only coming out in 2022 so there’s plenty more to learn in the coming months. In the meantime this is the official Nintendo description.

In the wake of chaos, enter the sun-scorched Splatlands and the new city, Splatsville, inhabited by battle-hardened Inklings and Octolings. New weapons, moves, and more await…

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