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Persona 5 Strikers – Best Characters & Team Build

#5. Yusuke Kitagawa – Fox

An aspiring third-year artist attending Kosei High School. His passion for art makes him utter otherworldly thoughts that are often confusing for others.

Role: Damage, Ice-damage

Yusuke’s counter ability is seriously good. Pressing the special move button allows him to go into an all-out offensive if he’s under duress, turning the tide of battle. This is especially true against large swathes of enemies all converging at once.

His Ice abilities are solid situationally and will come in handy in the second main dungeon of the game. But don’t count him out after that because Yusuke is a fast-hitting, critical damage machine! Letting you knock down mobs and bosses alike much more easily.


#6 Ann Takamaki – Panther

A quarter-American girl and part-time model. An outcast for her foreign looks and upbringing, she joins Joker in his heists to inspire hope in people in troubled situations.

Role: Damage, Fire-damage

Ann has some versatility with some healing and fire damage. Her ability to debuff the enemy’s attack using her Crocodile Tears Master Art is also very useful. But she does have a fairly low raw damage output compared to the others higher up on this list. Carmen’s low strength is only boosted with a super-effective Fire attack, so outside of those specific enemies, she’s not as useful.


#7 Haru Okumura – Noir

The daughter of the president of a major food manufacturer, Okumura Foods. She lost her father during their work as Phantom Thieves last year. She is currently involved in the management of Okumura Foods while studying agriculture at university.

Role: Damage, Pys-damage

Haru is a skills-based character, so if you’re not comfortable with technicals then she may be of less use to you. You do have Master Arts which allow Haru to hold down attack buttons and spin around. As well as a rocket launcher to deal with numerous mobs, but Makoto is probably better for that.

However, her second charge attack can be used to deal enormous amounts of damage. Her three charge attacks can be extended by holding down the special button, and her C2 calls forth a Psi whirlwind. Even if the enemy isn’t weak to Psi (which most enemies aren’t), the fact that you can use it at range and the quickness with which it hits foes makes it a powerful tool. Ideally, you’ll use it while away from enemies.


Persona 5 Strikers

So there you have it in short keep a mix of support and damage characters. As well as your specific element characters up to par. You never know when you’re going to need them!

Persona 5 Strikers is one of out Top 10 Games You Don’t Want To Miss This February 2021 and it’s out now on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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