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Persona 5 Strikers – Best Characters & Team Build

Persona 5 Strikers is the fresh new sequel to Persona 5 that’s fresh off the press. Persona 5 was a winning combination of complex turn-based combat mixed with a compelling slice of life story. It warms your heart to play this ragtag group of teens that come together and learn how to love and respect each other. Persona 5 Strikers brings our Breakfast Club back 6 months later with a whole new story but the same friendship forever vibes.

If you’ve been checking out the trailers you’ll know that Persona 5 Strikers differs in one big way. Instead of classic time management and turn-based combat, you’re now going to be hacking and slashing your way through the Shadows. You’re able to bring up to four characters with you, and while you should definitely swap them out from time to time. There’s undoubtedly going to be characters or team combos than are better than others.

Watch out for story spoilers.



The Best Persona 5 Strikers Party

Assembling the “best party” in Persona 5 Strikers isn’t a one fit all moment. Some Jails work better for different members. For example in the third Jail, Haru’s psychic abilities are strong against the enemies there. Additionally, we’ve separated the Phantom Thieves into support and damage roles.

Support is for healing or buffing and damage well is self-explanatory. This doesn’t mean support characters cannot hold their own, just that their primary purpose is to keep your team alive. You’ll also need to swap in members on the team that have stronger attack affinities and Persona elemental types for the Jails you’re facing.

If the Monarchs have a special relationship with one of the team, they’re going to be weak to their element. So take that Phantom Thief with you into that Jail.


#1. Joker (duh)

Beneath his quiet demeanour is a strong-willed Wild Card that leads the Phantom Thieves. He returns to Tokyo during his summer vacation and reunites with his former teammates. Who join him in investigating the new mysterious cases that occur around Japan.

Role: The Wild Card

Joker, or whatever your playable character’s given name is, is the best character in Persona 5 Strikers. If you’re not going to swap out anyone it’s got to be him because unlike the characters he’s got a lot of utility. Not to mention he has high attack speed and a wide range of attack.

Joker gives you the option to use all kinds of Persona affinities, which will always give you a way out of a sticky situation. He’s got such a wide range of potential abilities, from pure brutal damage to support, buffing, and healing. He has it all and should is a staple to any squad.


#2. Zenkichi Hasegawa – Wolf

A member of the Kyoto Prefectural Police. He’s the investigator in charge of looking into the mysterious conversion cases that occur in various parts of Japan.

Role: Damage

The ultimate damage monster – Zenkichi. Joining the Phantom Thieves midway through the game, Zenkichi has a load of extremely powerful abilities. That makes him a fantastic damage-dealer in your party, just watch out for the cost to his health.

Activating Wolf’s Fury offers him huge amounts of damage and range. While the downside of self-damage is balanced out with his health draining abilities. Wolf lets you hit hard with Almighty and Gun damage, and is a great choice in many situations given how Almighty damage isn’t resisted by anyone. He can even buff your squad’s attack, defence, and crit-rate. He’s more of a physical damaging team member and can be used as an all-rounder for whatever Jail.


#3. Sophia – Sophie

A mysterious AI. She has no memories of herself and only remembers that she is humanity’s friend. She joins the Phantom Thieves in their investigation.

Role: Support

Yaaaassss for double Yo-Yos! Sophia is a new face to the Phantom Thieves team and has one of the best support kits in the game. Sophia offers strong Bless damage and combines her abilities with strong healing and support skills.

Not just a pure support though, robot girl can hold her own in a fight with some incredible attacks that tackle large waves of enemies. Her yo-yo attack patterns however are a little tough to get the hang of. But stick at it and you’ll get used to them in time. Sophia is extremely versatile because of her both attacking and healing contributions and is a vital member of any team.


#4. Makoto Niijima – Queen

Former student council president of Shujin Academy. She is currently a law student aiming to work in the police. Her strict and serious attitude from last year has been mellowed. And her issues with her elder sister were successfully ironed out.

Role: Damage / Support

Makoto is a high-damage savage nuking everything in sight. Her Joanna Persona deals a great deal of Nuclear and Physical damage. While her simultaneous ability to buff your party’s defence and heal them in a pinch makes her a double threat.

Of course, when Nuclear attacks are resisted you can switch her out, but for most of the game, Makoto can be a vital part of your team. Joanna is great for any party composition because of her increased Technical damage against Shock, Freeze or Burn inflicted enemies. For tough Jails, I wouldn’t just rely on her healing. Sophia’s is better but Makoto is good to have in a pinch.