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Overwatch 2 – Everything We Know

Overwatch 2 Won’t Have Assault Maps

Overwatch 2 will not have Assault maps in Competitive Play, which means players will no longer be playing on maps like Hanamura or Temple of Anubis.

This decision has been somewhat controversial. On one hand, the Assault maps have often been criticized by Overwatch Competitive players as being particularly frustrating and poorly balanced. We all know that the first point in Hanamaura is way easier than the second. With the right setup that chokepoint is almost impossible to breakthrough.

We don’t know for now what other changes will happen. Keep in mind that whatever happens to Competitive Play in Overwatch 2 will also happen in Overwatch 1.


New PvP Mode – Push

With the removal of the Assault Maps comes the arrival of a new PvP mode called Push. The Push map will be a kind of ‘tug of war’ where two teams fight over control of a robot. The robot in turn pushes two barriers back and forth across the map. Whichever team pushes farther into the other’s territory wins.

Push sounds like a cool twist on the traditional payload. And might encourage different hero compositions based on which team is pushing farther. During the Overwatch 2 BlizzCon panel, Aaron Keller described the mode as “really flanky,”. Because players can access various points along the robot’s path through different shortcuts and connections. Keller said heroes that wouldn’t normally see as much utility on Control or Payload maps (such as Tracer, Reaper) will excel in Push.


Overwatch New Maps

So far, six Overwatch 2 maps have been announced. In addition to what was revealed at BlizzCon 2019: Rio de Janeiro, Toronto, Gothenburg, and Monte Carlo. At BlizzCon 2021 we were introduced to Rome and New York. There are also rumours that a Poland map is in the works.

Note that these Overwatch 2 maps won’t actually be exclusive to the sequel. Meaning that they will also be available in the original Overwatch game. This will probably be because of the game’s shared PvP mode.



The first new map is based on Rome, and it features a mix of classic architecture with futuristic designs. A similar style that greats us in most of the previous Overwatch maps. This looks like a payload map, though that wasn’t specified.


New York City

The upcoming New York map features a similar design philosophy. You’ve got the city’s classic architecture spliced together with the high-tec stylings of Overwatch’s future. I spot The Empire State Building, Greenwich Village as well as Grand Central Station.


Dynamic Weather Systems

One of the major changes coming in Overwatch 2 is a dynamic weather system. During BlizzCon 2021, Blizzard gave two examples of how dynamic weather can impact a match of Overwatch 2. On the Temple of Anubis map, a sandstorm could kick up and worsen as the mission progresses. Then on what appears to be Hanamura we’re shown an example of being caught up in a blizzard.

There’s no word as to whether these weather chages are just for the PvE mode but I’d love the chaos it would cause in PvP.


Overwatch 2 – New Characters, Looks & Reworks

The stars of Overwatch are definitely its heroes and we’re blessed with not just new skins but brand new looks, characters and game reworks! Since 2019 I’ve had some thoughts on their appearances and because there’s so much I’ve been split into another article.

Let’s just say beards are reigning supreme and some outfit choices are definitely questionable. There’s also Overwatch’s first Canadian hero Sojourn that wields a railgun. Head over here to get the full download.

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