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Ooblets – How To Unlock The Wildlands In V0.6

Last year fun peaceful games were synonymous with Animal Crossing: New Horizons but you may have just missed out on Ooblets. Which would be a shame. Developed by indie game studio Glumberland, Ooblets is a quirky life and farm simulator with monster collection (think Pokémon).

You start by growing your own Ooblets from seeds that you can plant in your garden. You’ll then use your Ooblets to battle other Ooblets to get more seeds! But because this is a wholesome game there will be no full-on attacking of your creatures. Instead, the Ooblets will participate in a dance-off battle to win. ADORABLE.

Ooblets launched in July last year in Early Access for the PC and Xbox. Meaning that the already lovely game is ready for more updates before we reach the full game. Right now we’re about more than halfway through with Ooblets having launched v0.6 today.


The Wildlands

The Wildlands is an area of free-roaming Ooblets. It’s an area where you can deposit excess or unwanted Ooblets in order to repopulate the area. This long-awaited area has been closed off for a while, but in the v0.6 update, the Wildlands are now open!

The initial idea of the Wildlands was to simply be a place to store extra Ooblets there’s no place for on your farm. This means you can collect every type of Ooblet and its gleamy and unusual variants without having to have a huge farm crammed with Oobcoops. Visit the Wildlands by walking through the previously locked gate and you’ll notice that any Ooblets you sent to the Wildlands are now wandering around in the new area. If you wish, you can now send them back to your farm or leave them in their new home.


Unlocking The Wildlands

To get started simply head up to the Wildlands gate and Outgrid will come and talk to you. She explains how something strange has happened and it’s spooked the Ooblets. Since she’s worried about them she asks for your help in making the Wildlands into an Ooblets refuge through a redevelopment and revitalization scheme.

These series of quests are entitled the Wildlands Revitalization Project and you can access them through a new board by the gate in Badgetown. Each tinsel-task appears about every 15-20 minutes, so you won’t be able to barrel through them. But for the most part, they’re quite simple to do. This first task asks you to develop the Wildlands to the second level. This will be followed by tasks to develop the area up to level six and finally level ten.

Completing each task will give you points that will bring you closer to unlocking everything in the update.


New Wildlands Areas

The new areas of the Wildlands are:

Spicyspear Scrub – a forgeable grove with a new forageable resource the Spicyspears.

Droneydrop Pond – a new fishing spot with modified catches

Nurnycrop Crag – a nurny mine


Ooblet Storage

Why is this Wildlands space so important?

Well, there are over 40 Ooblets currently in the game with each one having a rare and gleamy variant. However you can only have eight follow babies and three home babies, you’ll need oobcoops for any extras. Oobcoops take up farmland and require a bunch of resources to craft, including the rare Oobsidian. So being able to keep Ooblets in the Wildlands and bring them home if you need them is a huge bonus.


Additional Updates

According to the patch notes, the update also includes new recipes squishmallows and hophophopdobs. If you have recipe pieces in your inventory you’ll discover that they can now be put together once more to acquire the new recipes.

There’s also a new Oobcoop level 5 blueprint (with built-in heater) that you’ll be able to buy with wishies from the well. This means you’ll heat your Oobcoops all through next winter!


As for the upcoming Ooblets updates expect to see v0.7 sometime in mid 2021 with a new region and story quests. And before the end of 2021 Ooblets should be updating to its official v1.0 with another new region and the continuation/conclusion of its story.