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Dyson Sphere Program – Incoming Space Updates

Dyson Sphere Program is the hottest space simulation game right now. It’s not about deep space battles but more about efficiently strip-mining a planetary system. In this sci-fi sandbox with space exploration and factory automation elements, you’re tasked with constructing a Dyson Sphere – a megastructure capable of harnessing the energy output of a whole star.

Efficiency is the game of the Dyson Sphere Program. Explore a procedurally generated universe, build facilities on planets to extract their resources, and connect them with an interstellar logistic network in a galaxy-wide production empire. Similar to games such as Factorio and other efficiency simulators

Since its Steam Early Access launch on the 21st of January the game has sold over 350,000 copies. As such the developers, Youthcat Studio and Gamera Game have announced an upcoming short-term roadmap for the Dyson Sphere Program.


About Dyson Sphere Program

You’re part of a pioneering space team that’s landed on a new planet. It’s your job as a space engineer to start the build of a new galactic empire from scratch. Your main goal is the construction of a Dyson Sphere. As mentioned above its a megastructure that will orbit around a star, harnessing all its power and energy.

Due to the sheer amount of resources, you’ll need, getting a Dyson Sphere will not be an easy task. You’re not limited to a single base or a single planet though as in other games of the genre. For you to fulfil this mission, you’ll need to explore the universe. Build facilities on many planets, and connect them with an interstellar logistic network in a galaxy-wide production empire.



You start the game in your very own high-tech mecha, Icarus. Whether you’re pulling through a planetary conveyor belt or traveling through deep space breaking the speed of light, Icarus will be your vehicle and “body”. Over time you can upgrade your Icarus’ abilities as well as research other technologies.

When you first begin things are pretty manual, you’ll be collecting materials with Icarus. But once you climb the tech tree you’ll be able to build factories to mine the supplies you need. Then refineries to turn them into usable raw materials, and storage facilities to keep everything until you’re ready to use it. You’ll also have to make sure all of those buildings are connected, in the right order, so there is one smooth path for the materials to be processed.

Efficiency is the entire point of the game, in fact. It’s not your job to do everything by hand or to do the grunt work yourself, even if that’s how you begin. It’s your job to set up a system that handles all these things for you. Automate the act of mining, refining, and distributing each resource, while keeping the whole thing powered.


Short-Term Roadmap

From the 11th of February, the Dyson Sphere Program will have a couple of updates coming to the game. First the introduction of a basic framework of the logistics management system. This will begin in a basic form in February and will be fleshed out more as the game progresses. Its first implementation may only bring ‘basic’ logistic solutions, such as the furthest transportation distance and the quantity requirements of delivering goods.

Following this update will be the addition of new construction options such as building and conveyer upgrades. That do not involve the demolishing of old ones. And of course the much requested custom keyboard controls. Keybinding will be coming to the game then as well.


Dyson Sphere Program already has close to 12,000 overwhelmingly positive reviews and it’s still in Early Access on Steam. You can get it now for USD $19.99 / MYR 39 right now. For more of the best games that came out in January be sure to check out the full list here.