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Bravely Default 2 – Everything We Know About This Nintendo Switch Exclusive

Bravely Default 2 is the next big Nintendo exclusive JRPG coming out this year. The Nintendo Switch has been knocking it out of the park since its launch and 2020 saw the rise of even more sales of the console. As well as the playing of all-new Nintendo exclusive games such as Animal Crossing: New Horizon, Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity and more. But since last year I’ve been low key waiting for Bravely Default 2.

Bravely Default 2 comes from the creators of Octopath Traveler and Square Enix so if you’re a fan of old school JRPGs this is the game for you. The game is a series standout that originally debuted on the Nintendo 3DS. And while this game is called Bravely Default 2 it is actually the fourth title in the series. Expect Bravely Default 2 to carry on the game’s iconic aesthetic style and gameplay of the last two games.

Bravely Default 2 was announced at Nintendo Direct’s mini broadcast last March and will launch on February 26th 2021. If you’re thinking about getting the game or still on the fence then check out everything we know here.


The Not Sequel Story

For those who haven’t played the previous series this is a good chance to start because Bravely Default 2 has a brand a new story, unrelated to the past two games.

Taking place on the continent of Excillent, home to five powerful kingdoms. You play as Seth, a shipwrecked sailor, who washes up on the shore of one of the kingdoms. There he’s found by Gloria, a princess of a destroyed kingdom. They’ll travel the world in search of the four Crystals as the Heroes of Light. You’ll be joined on your journey by a pair of mysterious travellers; a scholar named Elvis, and a mercenary named Adelle.

The story revolves around four elemental crystals that can bring destruction to the planet. Not much else is known about the story currently but expect an epic JRPG adventure.


Battle System And Gameplay

Bravely Default 2’s gameplay is identical to the last two games, but with some quality of life improvements. As with traditional RPGs, the game has players exploring a world map, various towns, and dungeons. The series is known for its gorgeous hand-painted backgrounds, and that looks to be the same in the new game. For those of you that haven’t played the previous titles, it’s classic turn-based RPG. A system that will feel familiar but the series incorporates a couple of its own twists.

The game utilises the Brave and Default system after what the series is named for. During a battle, players can select the Default option to stock up points, then select Brave to use multiple attacks in one turn. So, for example, you’ll be able to do a ton of damage by using four special moves at a time. But then you’ll need to wait another 4 turns to attack again. It’s a risk-reward system that has players balancing all the traditional systems of a JRPG with a kind of resource management for turns. 


New Jobs In Bravely Default 2

Bravely Default 2 brings back the job system that was a hallmark of the original Final Fantasy games. Like its previous titles the “Asterisk job system” allows players to acquire new jobs by defeating bosses. In your party of four, you can customize a variety of unique classes with the Asterisk item. This new sequel to the game brings in the addition of four new job classes. Allowing players to mix and match their abilities to create the character builds they want.

There are up to 30 jobs available ranging from Freelancer, Black Mage, White Mage, Monk and more. As of today, we’ve learned about six of Bravely Default 2 new classes – Vanguard, Bard, Beastmaster, Gambler, Berserker, Shield Master, Pictomaster and Gambler.


Vanguard & Shieldmaster

The Vanguard and Shieldmaster class will be the tank of the party. They can provoke enemies into attacking them, and they can also absorb damage intended for other party members. The Shieldmaster will be a bit more focused on providing buffs than the Vanguard.

Bard and Pictomaster

A support class, the Bard and Pictomaster are mainly responsible for supplying the team with powerful buffs or debuffs to aid in combat. While the Bard sings the Pictomaster wields their brush. I believe the Pictomaster focuses more on debuffing the enemy than the Bard.


The Beastmaster class might be capable of taming some of the monsters that players will face in the game. These monsters can then be summoned in battle as an additional ally. Unlock the job by defeating Anihal.


As expected, the Gambler class will be about taking risks through luck-based abilities. Players can be rewarded with really useful spells or damaging attacks through these abilities. On the other hand, they can take damage instead if their luck is bad.


Bravely Default 2 Demo

Since last year there have been two demos available for Bravely Default 2. Right now you can play the updated second one here on the Nintendo eShop. By playing the demo, you’ll get a good idea of what to expect from the final game and determine whether you want it or not. In this demo, you’ll have 5 hours to do as much as you can in the desert kingdom of Savalon. It should give you a taste of the story as well as a couple of boss battles for you to sink your teeth into.

This might just be an additional benefit but you’l be awarded with 100 Platinum My Nintendo Points for playing it before launch too, so you might as well give it a shot before Bravely Default 2 comes out.