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Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Festivale Event Guide

Festivale falls on the 15th of February and it’s one that’s marked with a celebration of confetti and feathers that will fall all over your island! As part of Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ February update Pavé will be visit your island bless it with dance and a colour explosion!

Starting from February 15th at 5am for both the Northern and Southern Hemisphere, Festivale will run for a full 24 hours. You’ll know the event has begun on your island when Isabelle wears a green Festivale hat during her morning announcements and you can hear special carnival themed music start to play replacing the usual hourly theme!

Note: The upgraded Resident Services with Isabelle must be unlocked to fully experience the entire event.

Participating and completing the event will unlock you the bright and colourful Festivale Furniture Set. Here’s everything you’ll need to know to get everything.


Step #1: Meet Pavé In Festivale Wear

Enter your island on February 15th and change into your Festivale wear! During the month of February the Able sisters have been selling three new peices of event themed clothing. If you haven’t bought them yet you can still buy them on the day!

Note: If you’re not dressed in theme Pavé will tell you to go and change. He’s a stickler for a party dress code.


Step #2: Get Festivale Feathers

Once you’re suitably kitted out talk to Pavé just outside Resident Services. He wants you to get him all the brightly coloured feathers that you’ll see floating through the sky.

There are five different types of feathers you can catch during the Festivale event: Red Feather, Blue Feather, Green Feather, Purple Feather, and Rainbow Feather. Either get the feathers by catching them, crafting them or trading with villagers.


Catch Flying Feathers

Similarly to seasonal items like Snowflakes, you can catch feathers by using your Net and swinging at them. Feathers also make a ‘whoosh’ sound effect when they are in the air near you, which can help you find them behind trees and other obstuctions.

The feathers can be found floating all around the island, and the four basic colors will stack in sets of three in the player’s inventory. The Rainbow Feathers however are the most rare and do not stack.


Trade Feathers With Villagers

Another way you can get feathers during Festivale is by trading with the villagers on your island. Simply talk to a villager while carrying feathers in your inventory and they may propose a trade.

Villagers seem to seek out the feather color that matches their current Festivale clothing. For example, if you spot Roald wearing a blue outfit, then he will suggest trading one of your Blue Feathers for another color. Sometimes, when a player catches a feather, if a villager nearby is wearing that color, they’ll run up to the player expectantly so they can discuss a trade.

Note: If you’re carrying a stack of three feathers, then villagers will trade you back a matching stack of three in another color. And so on.


Craft Rainbow Feathers

Rainbow Feathers can be the most tricky to get but if you haven’t found any don’t worry because you can always craft some. You’ll get the DIY Crafting Recipe from Pavé when you first meet him. With this recipe, one of each Feather color (Red, Blue, Green, Purple) can be combined together to craft a Rainbow Feather!


Step #3: Trade Festivale Feathers For Prizes

All those feather collecting isn’t just for fun though because you’re able to trade them to Pavé for some rewards! Simply give him 3 regularly coloured feathers either Red, Blue, Green or Purple. Or just 1 Rainbow Feather for a piece of the Festivale Furniture Set!

The feather color you trade will determine the style of the furniture that Pavé gives you. For example, if you trade 3 Red Feathers to Pavé, you will receive a red colored piece of Festivale furniture. Or if you give him a Rainbow Feather, expect to get a rainbow styled Festivale item in return.

Note: When giving Pavé 3 of the same colored feathers, they must be ‘stacked’ together in a single inventory slot. If your feathers are not stacked Pavé will not accept them.


Step #4: Unlock The Festivale Float

After obtaining the first nine Festivale Set furniture items, Pavé will inform you of the ‘ultimate reward’ available in exchange for three Rainbow Feathers. Get them by following the methods above either by catching them, crafting them or both!

When you have all three Rainbow Feathers required, talk to Pavé again to unleash his greatest Viva Festivale dance and he will give you the exclusive Festivale Float furniture item!

Note: The Festivale Float does not come in multiple different color variants like the rest of the set.


Optional Step #5: Customise Items With Rainbow Feathers

After obtaining all of Festivale Set items from Pavé, including the Festivale Float reward, you might realise that you don’t have the coloured items that you want. That’s no problem because with some Rainbow Feathers you’re able to customise your Festivale Set Furniture items to any colour you want!

There’s no way to get feathers outside of the Festivale Event on February 15th, so unless you time travel backwards or trade with other players, this could be your only chance to get your hands on Rainbow Feathers. So you may want to stock up to customise them later.

The customisation cost for each Festivale Set item varies from 1 to 2 Rainbow Feathers. Therefore, we recommend gathering up around 13 Rainbow Feathers during Festivale to be able to change each furniture item colour once.


So there we have it Animal Crossing: New Horizon’s February updates! Be sure to follow us for more AC:NH updates in March. And click here for our latest furniture and event guides. See you next month!