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What Do We Know About the Ubisoft Open-World Star Wars Game?

Star Wars fans are certainly reaping in the benefits lately. Not only do they have brand new Mandalorian content, but the announcement of a slate of spin-offs to the franchise means that there is plenty to dive into. The latest announcement by Ubisoft about their new open-world game has also piqued the interest of Star Wars fans. But what do we know about the game – and why are people still so invested in outer space?

The team behind the game will be Massive Entertainment, who developed the latest Tom Clancy game. The game will be open world, which would benefit a franchise with such expansive mythology as Star Wars. It will also be story-led, which is what made the original films so successful – we cared about the characters and what happened to them. The as-yet-untitled game will use the Snowdrop game engine, which was used on Tom Clancy’s The Division.

Image: The Division

CEO of Ubisoft, Yves Guillemot, suggested that the partnership was the first in a long-running one with Lucasfilm, Disney, and Star Wars. Lucasfilm Games, which will also help develop and market the game, previously announced a new Indiana Jones game. The new division of the tech company aims to use their existing and popular IP to engage on a new level. The desire to attain new fans and retain existing ones is strong.

But it isn’t just Star Wars that feeds our curiosity about space. Other aspects of entertainment also deliver on the themes of what lies beyond our galaxy. For example, the Starburst slot game, which can be found at CasinoWings casinos, uses the idea of being in outer space and locating gems and jewels. The NetEnt game is partly based on the real phenomenon of diamonds being found in space and discovered in meteorites that have fallen to Earth. There is always a market for sci-fi and space adventures, and this will not be changing any time soon. Beyond that, this site gives information about online casinos available for those who new to the industry.  

An open-world Star Wars game would do well for the intrigue it provides. The world of Star Wars can include any number of things. Our initial attraction to the franchise came from the fact that we knew little about outer space. We wanted to imagine that somewhere out there lived Jedi Knights, strange aliens, and a trade war that descended into lightsaber battles.

But, like Star Wars, it goes further and imagines what other priceless gems might be lurking just out of our interstellar field of vision. The game remains one of the most popular across online casino entertainment, partly for its 96.1% pay-out rate and partly because it feeds our imaginations as to what outer space might contain beyond what NASA has already discovered. The enduring appeal of outer space means it can guarantee to engage across all manner of entertainment.

We may have some time to wait before Ubisoft’s Star Wars games, but there are plenty of other ways to investigate what could be up past the sky. The enduring love for outer space can be seen across entertainment and the excitement for the latest Star Wars releases reinforces how enjoyable outer space can be.