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Stardew Valley Multiplayer – How To Play With Friends

Stardew Valley Multiplayer Tips

Lend Your Tools

Grinding for those Iridium tools is the goal of all Stardew Valley players. But if four people are hoping to get a full set of Iridium tools then a whole lot more work is going to be needed. Or to be more precise a grand total of 672,000 G (yes the math was done) minus the 80 bars you’ll need to dig up and smelt. All in all, having a sharing economy of tools in Stardew Valley is going to be your best way forward.

You don’t need a hoe in the mines, so leave it in a chest and let one of your friends use it. By keeping a constant rotation (and making sure that one tool is being upgraded at all times, as there is only one blacksmith), you can make good progress on getting upgraded tools quickly.


Split Up The Work And Work Together

Stardew Valley multiplayer is all about the benefits of working together. You can split up the work, have one person farm, one fish, one look after the animals and one guy be in the mines. But there are some days where you may need a butt-ton of ore or cash when it may be beneficial for all of you to work together.

Four people mining at the same time are going to find a ladder or a hole very quickly. That means that you can get further down faster, and that is the area where the concentration of Iridium is highest. CHA-CHING.


Remember Time Doesn’t Stop Anymore

You’re in a shared game world now which takes some getting used to. There’s a lot in single-player mode that will put a pause on the clock. Such as going into your inventory, shopping or even looking at the map. Keep this in mind or you’ll run out of time way before you actually get anything done.

If you there is a need to pause, the host player can press the default key T to open the text chat window and type “/pause” to force freeze the game. I mean toilet breaks are definitely going to be a thing.


So there we have it everything you need to know about Stardew Valley’s multiplayer mode. If you have any more issues be sure to check out the official troubleshooting guide by ConcernedApe. If you love Stardew Valley type games be sure to check out other games such as:

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