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Star Wars Battlefront 2 – Tips To Master The Force

Star Wars Battlefront 2 has seen a huge resurgence in their player base thanks to the free giveaway by Epic Games. If this is the first time you’ve picked up the game or even if you’re a returning player we’ve got some helpful tips for you to master the Force in no time.


Don’t Skip The Campaign Or Arcade Mode

It’s tempting to just jump straight into Battlefront‘s multiplayer, but don’t forget to spend some time in the single-player campaign mode. Not only is this a good way for you to learn how to play the different game modes, but you’ll also get to test drive a lot of game’s key heroes and their abilities. Campaign mode will also yield you a lot of nice rewards that’ll be useful when you play with your friends.

If you don’t have the time for a campaign you can always jump into Arcade mode. Which is an excellent place to test out the game’s various classes and heroes without your teammates yelling at you. There are also Arcade-specific milestones for you to earn that will yield you some great rewards for multiplayer.


The Importance Of Star Cards

Why are Star Cards important? Well, it’s essentially Star Wars Battlefront 2‘s progression system. With it, you can give your characters new and enhanced abilities. There are two types: Boost and Ability Cards. Ability Cards are equipped to the four main classes to swap out an ability for an entirely new one. While Boost Cards are used with certain unlockable characters and ships to buff stats. Each Star Card can also be levelled up three times, which increases their effectiveness in-game.

You can earn them via loot crates, by levelling up your character and crafting them with materials. Be sure to experiment with different loadouts, and don’t forget you can change it out mid-match at the character screen.


Crouch And Dodge

Star Wars Battlefront 2 has an overwhelming amount of blaster fire. Literally whenever you walk be sure to be assailed by a flurry of energy bullets or even an oncoming lightsaber. Your key defence to all of this is to remember to crouch as well as dodge to get around. Mastering these techniques will get you out of some tricky situations and keep you alive longer.

One more tip, watch out for incoming grenades so you can roll on out of there.


Keep An Eye On Your Cooldown Meter

One of the more finicky mechanics of the game. You’ll notice that your blaster doesn’t need bullets but it does need some time to cooldown. I try and get into the habit of refreshing it every chance I get. But they’ll probably come a time every 15 seconds when it overheats. When it does you can max out the cooldown meter and trigger a mini-game that lets you fire with no overheating. Just pull the trigger at the right time in a quick time event bar for it. It’s a bit of a risk to do it while in the middle of battle and if you mess up your gun will jam leaving you vulnerable for a time.


Learn at least one Blaster and Lightsaber Hero

Sometimes a lightsaber hero is the wrong choice depending on what map and phase you’re on. Characters like Darth Vader and General Grevious excel in confined areas such as the Death Star. But they’re quite tricky to use on more open maps. This is where blaster heroes like Boba Fett come into play, as they bring a ton of mobility. We strongly recommend learning at least one blaster and lightsaber hero for both the Light and the Dark side.

On that note remember that lightsaber wielders are not invincible. While it’s true that Darth Maul is very strong, just rushing in without a plan will typically end in death. When you play a lightsaber hero always be ready to fall back and regain health. Your job is to appear, kill some enemies, and draw attention away from the rest of your team. Just dashing in and swinging wildly won’t help anyone and will just be a waste of your battle points. Many of the lightsaber-wielding characters lack an actual “escape” ability outside of just jumping away. Don’t be that guy that picks a hero and just immediately dies because you thought it was possible to charge at the entire team.


Flight Movement Tips

Battlefront 2’s space combat has been completely revamped, so here are some quick pointers. Moving the left stick up and down adjusts your speed, while moving it left and right allows you to rotate your ship for performing barrel rolls and squeezing into tight areas. The right stick is strictly for steering. If an enemy has locked onto you, try creating your own evasive manoeuvres by adjusting your speed, performing barrel rolls, and steering your way around asteroids and large ships for cover.


Remember To Claim Your Rewards

You’ll unlock rewards as you hit milestones for things such as kills and victories. However, you won’t actually get those rewards until you pop into the Career menu and claim each of them manually. It’s a cumbersome process, but one you’ll have to keep in mind to access all of your hard-earned credits. The Career screen is also a good place to see what milestones you might want to work towards next to get even more in-game cash.