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OtterBox Gets Tough On Gaming

OtterBox is a brand that’s synonymous with tough as nails protection for your mobile devices. At today’s CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2021 they’ve announced a partnership with Xbox to launch some console and mobile gaming accessories for the roughest of us gamers. For those who have destroyed a controller or two by throwing it against the wall in a fit of rage. Or you know if you’re like me and just seem to drop your controller on the ground for no reason. OtterBox has got your back with its first line of gaming products.


Otterbox Easy Grip Controller Shell – $40

A shell casing for your standard (non-Elite) Xbox One or Xbox Series X/S controller. It features an antimicrobial material that offers a no-slip grip performance that will keep your hands comfy from sweat. The thumbsticks and buttons are left free of the shell’s casing so their sensitivity won’t be hampered in any way. And the grip pads on each side can be swapped out for a different look and easy cleaning.

The shell comes in three colours: light grey, dark grey or purple with green piping that glows in the dark.


OtterBox Mobile Gaming Clip – $30

Mobile games have come a long way since the Farmville and Flappy Bird era. Now there’s full-blown action, racing and even RPG games you can get on your phone. Hello Genshin Impact. The OtterBox Mobile Gaming Clip isn’t revolutionary in the world of gaming clip accessories. But it does come with the OtterBox’s seal of approval and a tough, easy to adjust clip. It doesn’t use any kind of spring mechanics, so you can swap your device in and out with one hand if needed. It can also be snapped off easily when you want to switch to using the controller with your console or computer instead.

An additional feature is that the clip can detach from the controller and be used as a tabletop stand. Providing a bit of flexibility for people who want to game on the go or are playing at home. The clip folds flat for easy storage, even when still attached to your gamepad.


Otterbox Gaming Carry Case – $45

Now your controller isn’t exactly pocket-sized but if you’re bringing it out on a road trip or anywhere else then you might want the Otterbox Gaming Carry Case. This chunky black shell can hold one Xbox controller, even if the gamepad is outfitted with both the Easy Grip Controller Shell and the Mobile Gaming Clip. It includes a quick flip screen stand on the top, which you can place your phone on. As well as a cable pass-through, to keep your Xbox controller juiced up when you’re not using it.

Think of it as a mini portable gaming desk armed with pockets for extra batteries and cables. The OtterBox Gaming Carry Case is a little expensive for what it is but we all know gamers be spending for that flex.


Gaming Glass Privacy Guard – $49.95

Random pet peeve, people who don’t invest in a proper screen protector if they’re getting one. Right now phone screen technology has come a long way and for the most part, you may not even need to invest in a screen protector. But if you do please don’t get a cheap flimsy one that you install yourself that could potentially damage your screen. The Otterbox’s Gaming Glass Privacy Guard is a super-strong screen protector with ultra-durable scratch and shatter-resistant protection. It blocks the view of the screen from the sides of your device without sacrificing clarity.


Easy Grip Gaming Case – $55

Last but not least it wouldn’t be an OtterBox announcement without a phone case. The Easy Grip Gaming Case offers durability and an anti-slip grip, RIP to all the times I dropped my phone on my face. The case will be compatible with the iPhone 7-12 as well as ‘select’ Android devices. We’ll know more on that lineup soon.


This will be OtterBox‘s first line of products under its gaming portfolio, releasing in mid-February with preorders beginning on January 25th. While the lineup isn’t too exciting it does pave the way for a whole host of other products! From an Otterbox desktop case to a PlayStation 5 cover and more.

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