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Immortals Fenyx Rising – Beginner’s Guide

Immortals Fenyx Rising takes all the wonderful open-world mechanics of Breath of the Wild and puts it in the mythical world of Greek mythology. With God of War and Assassin’s Creed Odyssey coming out not too long ago you may think that we’d be done with Greek Gods and all their drama. Well, it turns out that’s not entirely true and we’re happy to hit the pantheon once again. Immortals Fenyx Rising takes a much more fun and slightly cartoony approach to being the saviour of the gods and of course builds you a wonderful world to explore.

Life on the Golden isle can be tough. Your brother and all your crewmates have been turned to stone and you need to defeat a big, red demon bloke called Typhon to get everyone back to normal. After reaching the Hall of the Gods there’s a lot that can be done and as usual, we’re here to help. Follow our guide and we’ll have you scaling mountains and toppling Titans in no time. It’s zero to hero, just like that.


Your First Skills

Once you reach the Hall of the Gods, you’ll take a tour of the various systems you can upgrade, including the River Styx Cistern. Here, you can upgrade your skills for a price. Getting new skills is pretty expensive, you’ll need a lot of coins. So while the skill tree and the Godly Powers can be tempting, you really want to start with the following movement-based skills: 

Climb Leap – Allows you to leap upward while climbing. Also consumes less stamina while climbing.

Glide Boost – Move faster when gliding while also consuming less stamina.

Swim Dash – Allows you to dash forward while swimming. Also consumes less stamina while swimming.

Telekinesis Gathering – Automatically gather all nearby resources in an area when picking up one.

These four abilities are not only the cheapest at only two Coins of Charon a pop, but they’re also the only ones related to movement. The other abilities have to do with combat. Moving around the world is a big part of Immortals Fenyx Rising, so it’s best to invest in movement skills early to make the rest of your adventuring a little more enjoyable.


The Different Currencies

We mentioned earlier that upgrading your skills will require you to use Coins of Charon. Well, there’s a whole lot of other currencies you’ll need to collect in order to get some other upgrades. Immortals Fenyx Rising doesn’t have a traditional levelling system. Instead of earning experience as you progress, you’ll earn different resources and currencies that you can use to purchase upgrades at the Hall of the Gods.

Altogether there are eight different currencies to collect which we’ll list below.

Ambrosia – Used to increase your maximum health. You can find Ambrosia on the map.

Zeus’ Lightning – Used to increase your maximum stamina. You’ll earn Zeus’s Lightning for completing Vaults of Tartarus.

Coins of Charon – Used to purchase God Powers and new skills. You’ll find these after completing Myth Challenges.

Golden Amber – Used to upgrade potions during creation. Found in chests.

Yellow Adamantine Shard – Used to increase potion pouch and arrow-carrying capacity. Found in chests and yellow shard clusters.

Blue Adamantine Shard – One of the resources required for upgrading weapons, armour, and helmets. Awarded for looting chests and defeating common enemies.

Red Adamantine Shard – Used alongside Blue Adamantine Shard to upgrade weapons. Awarded for defeating unique enemies and looting guarded chests.

Purple Adamantine Shard – Used alongside Blue Adamantine Shard to upgrade armour and helmets. Found in a purple shard cluster or by looting epic chests.


Stamina Is Life

Focus on upgrading stamina early on in Immortals Fenyx Rising because boy oh boy will you need it. It’s used not just to explore but for the use of your Godly Powers in combat as well. So you’ll want to keep clearing Vaults so it’s topped up. You’ll need Zeus’s Lighting for stamina upgrades which you can do at the Bench of Zeus in the Hall of the Gods (five Lightning for each additional stamina chunk). Hit vaults early on to get this going.

A little pro tip for those playing the game on Normal mode or lower. If you run out of stamina while you’re gliding, Fenyx will go to land and won’t just drop. So if you’re climbing and overestimated your reach, it can be a better idea to just jump off and pop your wings before you fall. That fall damage is real yo. For those playing Hard mode though, well let’s just say it’s a hard landing.



You have three weapons in Immortals Fenyx Rising: a bow, a sword, and an axe. It’s best to not rely too heavily on one of them, though. For you to succeed in this game you’re going to have to be comfortable utilising each weapon for the required situation.

The bow is great for hitting unaware enemies. Use the bow to hit distant enemies or to score a few hits before a mob swarm you. The bow doesn’t deal a ton of damage, so aim for the head. When they do come in that’s when it’s time to switch to the sword. The sword deals direct damage, not stun damage, and it doesn’t deal as much damage as the axe. However, the sword is fast, and if you spend some Coins of Charon upgrading your combos, it can put out more damage than the axe in a shorter amount of time. The sword is your bread and butter when it comes to combat.

Sometimes you can’t get in a clean hit, though. Enemies with shields can block your sword attacks, but there’s a way around that. Each enemy has a stun bar in addition to a health bar. Filling the stun bar will cause the enemy to drop for a few seconds, opening them up to a barrage of attacks. The axe, unlike the sword, builds the stun bar. When you’re facing shielded enemies, that’s when you swing out the axe. Continue hitting them with the axe to build their stun bar and, hopefully, knock them down.

Pro tip for sheilded enemies: If you’re further away you can shoot the foot of a shielded enemy under their shield with an Apollo Arrow. It does a lot of damage and is a good way to get a hit in.