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Cyberpunk 2077 – Best Weapons List

Widow Maker – Tech Rifle

Damage27 – 33
Attacks Per Second12.41

Special Properties: Six additional shots and higher chance to poison.

Acquire: Get it by killing Nash and looting his corpse in the optional fight with Panam after removing Panam’s Car.

Nash’s rifle – looks like he won’t be needing it anymore. The Widow Maker fires two projectiles per shot and deals Chemical damage with an increased chance to apply poison. When fully charged, the Widow Maker releases a mega-powerful concentrated shot.


Skippy – Smart Pistol

Damage36 – 44
Attacks Per Second4.55

Special Properties: Artificial Intelligence incorporated that talks to you. The gun scales to your level.

Acquire: Can be found on the ground at the beginning of Machine Gun side job. Note that you can turn Skippy in for a quest but doing so will remove it from your inventory.

Skippy’s ‘Stone Cold Killer’ mode has it so that it only targets heads, ensuring constant headshots. Which is great for crowds of enemies, or stronger bosses like Cyberpsychos. Skippy also has another mode ‘Puppy Pacifist’ which will only target for non-lethal limbs.

Be warned when choosing your mode. After getting 50 kills in either mode Skippy will swap permanently to the other mode. So if you want to keep him a ‘Stone Cold Killer’, you’ll need to be a ‘Puppy Pacifist’ for a bit.


Scalpel – Melee

Attacks Per Second5

Special Properties: Deals electrical damage. While Sandevistan cyberware is active it increases Crit Chance by 50% and hits apply bleeding.

Acquire: Reward for completing ‘I’ll Fly Away’

Some people are melee guys and some people are I’ve used too much bullet guys and now am stuck. Either way having this katana in your arsenal is going to be mighty handy. Not only does it have whopping damage but it also does electrical damage and bleed. I mean bleeding while being electrocuted it’s quite the double damage.


Chaos – Tech Pistol

Damage20 – 24
Attacks Per Second3.85

Special Properties: Randomize Crit Chance, damage type and status effect application every time you reload.

Acquire: Can be obtained during The Pickup. Loot Royce after neutralizing him in the deal sequence, or during the boss fight.

I’d put this pistol more in the special mentions category because while it’s somewhat useful it is random. Use the Chaos pistol against enemies that are resistant to a variety of things. If it doesn’t work just reload and try it again. Good for unpredictability, to give yourself a challenge and cause some Chaos.