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Cyberpunk 2077 – Best Weapons List

Malorian Arms 3516 – Power Pistol

Damage96 – 118
Attacks Per Second2.22

Acquire: From Grayson during Side Job 35 ‘Chippin’ In’.

The Malorian Arms 3516, may not sound very memorable so you’re better off thinking about it as Johnny Silverhand’s gun. It’s the same one you use in the combat flashbacks when you’re playing as Johnny, but unfortunately, it doesn’t quite retain the same damage stats you see in the missions.

Nevertheless, it’s still a brilliant pistol that will destroy heads with ease and despite not having a unique aspect or trait, is still one of the best pistols in the game. It comes pretty late in the story, but is one of the coolest guns in Cyberpunk 2077.


Fenrir – Power SMG

Damage16 – 19
Attacks Per Second6.90

Special Properties: Deals thermal damage with an increased chance to apply burn. Reduces bullet spread and increased bullet impact, at the cost of high recoil.

Acquire: Can be found on a table near the monk you need to rescue during SJ-06 ‘Losing My Religion’.

Are you more of a run and gun maverick? The type to run in and start blasting and set the world on fire literally? Well the Fenrir SMG is for you, and for me and really everyone playing Cyberpunk 2077. Because this gun is hella a lot of fun and bonus points for setting people on fire.


Overwatch – Power Sniper Rifle

Damage1026 – 1254
Attacks Per Second0.3

Special Properties: Increased reload speed and comes with a custom silencer.

Acquire: Can be obtained as a reward for saving Saul during Side Job 45 ‘Riders on the Storm’.

The Overwatch sniper is a mission reward from Panam’s storyline. At the end of it, Panam will present you with Overwatch, an insanely powerful sniper with a built-in, custom silencer and increased reload speed. It’s brilliant for stealth operations (as long as nobody sees the head of your enemy explode). It’s a great method of getting collateral kills thanks to the headshot damage multiplier ensuring you can kill any extra enemies you hit behind the original target.


Lizzie – Tech Pistol

Damage12 – 15
Attacks Per Second17

Special Properties: Fires an extra round per shot. 4 bullets in a diamond pattern. Lizzie will also increase the number of rounds fired when fully charged. 5 burst shots with a total of 20 projectiles.

Acquire: Can be found in the basement of Lizzie’s after ‘The Space in Between’.

One of the first and most powerful weapons you can get your hands on is a lil’ pink pistol called Lizzie. This beaut fires an extra round per shot, which means that when you charge up a shot since it’s a tech pistol, it fires a big burst. Just watch out for the recoil.


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