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Assassin’s Creed Valhalla – Yule Festival Event Guide

“Cow Catcher” Quest

AC Valhalla Cow Catcher Quest

Rewards: 140 Yule Tokens and unlocks Bertham as an opponent to fight during Braun’s Folly.

The other seasonal quest in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is called “Cow Catcher,” and focuses on Bertham, a young farmer that finds himself frightened of the cows he is meant to butcher for the feast. Before you can begin this side mission you must first build the Cattle Farm (west side of settlement at settlement level 3).

To start the Cow Catcher mission head to the Cattle Farm and speak to Winfrith just outside the building. When you talk to him you’ll discover that all the cows have escaped. Bertham will then lead you to the area where they’ve runoff.

Using Eivor’s raven, you should be able to find the general location of each of the cows. There are a total of four cows you need to hunt around this location. When you reach each cow you’ll need to defeat it and then loot the body to get meat.

After slaughtering all four cows, head back across the river and speak to Bertham’s mother.


Braun’s Folly Drinking Contest

Yule Festival

Reward: 10 Yule Tokens

Aside from these seasonal quests, there are also three competitions that players can take part in to earn more Yule Tokens. The first of these is a drinking contest with a man named Braun. This plays out exactly like other drinking contest in Valhalla, except instead of betting silver players will win 10 Yule Tokens if they manage to beat their opponent.


Yule Brawl Fighting Contest

Win the Yule Brawl round 10

Reward: 70 Yule Tokens

Talk to Sunniva to start the Yule Brawl, a series of hand-to-hand fights in which the only rule is “fight, drink, fight, repeat”. Show your festive cheer by defeating fighters across a total of 10 rounds. Each round gets progressively harder as Eivor will take a drink after each fight. The drink will restore some of your health but will cause you to become more and more inebriated. Expect things like blurred visions and losing the ability to lock on. It gets a bit challenging towards the last couple of rounds of fighting.


Twirling Targets Archery Contest

Fastest Yule Token Farm

Reward: 10-40 Yule Tokens per target.

The final competition that players can take part in is the Twirling Targets archery contest. Head over to Thyra and speak to her to start a target shooting competition. This competition tasks you with scoring as many points as you can in 2 minutes by shooting targets with your bow. 

The large green coloured targets are worth the least amount of points, the medium-sized yellow ones are the next best, and the small red targets award the most. Scoring over 1200 points in this will grant the player 40 Yule Tokens. Because of how quickly this can be achieved by skilled archers, this is the best way to grind Yule Tokens.


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